The jury was definitely still out on weather fat-freezing actually works or not; I’d heard good things about it but when I tried it myself (on my post-baby belly) it didn’t work at all- in fact, the puffiness it caused made my stomach look bigger. So why such varying opinions on results? My theory is this: in a fat-freezing treatment, the fat (and skin layers) are pulled up into a suction where they are frozen, the problem is that it is difficult to tell (without the use of a scan) how thick the skin layer is. The treatment is only designed to work on the fat cells and I’m certain excess skin will hinder those cells from reaching the sub-zero temperatures they need to be destroyed. In my case, I believe the treatment didn’t work because there actually wasn’t much fat at all, mainly just excess pregnancy skin being sucked up (which isn’t ideal for already slackening skin). I’d also heard stories of nerve damage and stretched skin, so decided it wasn’t a treatment I wanted to try again!

Then I got asked to try the new Cryo-S 3.0 slimming and toning treatment with a different approach to fat-freezing, an approach that, to me, was much more appealing- i.e no suctions involved! Using a paddle, the chosen area is first warmed to soften the fat before the temperature is quickly cooled to shock and shatter the fat cells. I say cooled, what I actually mean is taken down to -30! I found this surprisingly tolerable- the pad is constantly moving and the therapist is massaging and manipulating fat towards the paddle, so I never felt that it was unbearable at any point. The treatment takes 30 minutes and there is no pre or post treatment tasks to undertake (some fat-freezing treatments require you to exercise for 30 minutes immediately after the treatment).

I chose to have my muffin tops treated but due to the paddle and the technique, most areas can easily be worked on -even the arms and chin! My measurements were taken at the start and finish of the treatment, and I lost 1cm from my muffin tops in just one session! I was told it would probably come back within a week and that the second treatment would be the one to properly kill it off but after one week that 1cm was still a gonner! I had my follow up treatment 2 weeks later, which was just as tolerable and easy. The previous 1cm had stayed off and this time I lost another 1cm to go with it!! In all honesty, I didn’t have masses of fat to lose in this area, so it probably wouldn’t be a very noticeable loss through the eyes of others, however, this is an area that I find difficult to exercise and I therefore wasn’t as toned in this area to the rest of my body. Now, my underwear/bikini bottom waistbands sit nicely around my hips without digging in or causing an over-hang! Such a trivial concern but often it’s the little things that bother us the most and for such an easy, non-drastic fix, (read: way cheaper/safer/simpler than surgery/liposuction) I say ‘why not?!’

London Cryo are way ahead of the ‘cryo pack’ when it comes to treatments and equipment, where they go, others follow, and with health and well-being their priority, they are most definitely on my Ones to Watch list!

CryoSlimming single treatment, £350 or 5 treatments £1500.

*1st time introductory offer £190, strictly 1 purchase only* Tel: 0207 247 6230

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