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You may think Soho needs another hair salon as much as it needs a new cocktail bar but think again, Salon 64 is way more than a hair salon- it might just be your new social and styling hub….

There are plenty of good hairdressers to choose from in London, however, I will guess there are very few (if any) that can accommodate your social life the way Salon 64 will. Yes, it has amazing stylists and colourists, but this salon experience is about so much more. Salon 64 is a dressing-room meets coffee shop kind of space; each hair station has its own ‘jewellery box mirror’ which besides being beautiful, is also multifunctional with sections to hold refreshments, tablets, phones etc, there is a charge point and a large draw to store your bag or shopping. The jewellery box mirror can also be closed down flat, creating an area to work or socialise (and stops you becoming that beauty meme, where you’re thinking how unattractive you are when you’re half way through having your hair done!).

The work-friendly/social theme runs throughout the salon design, with smaller ‘jewellery boxes’ at a seated area at the front of the salon where you can catch up on emails or reapply your makeup before heading out. There are also work areas at the salon’s unique bar, which offers a menu of drinks and snacks, and is a perfect place to meet up with friends.

Everyone is welcome at The Bar, whether you have an appointment or not, it’s in partnership with London coffee brand Vagabond, and if you buy a deluxe 8oz coffee every day in a row for 20 days you will receive a free blow dry! It’s a no brainer for all you caffeine addicts, just pick up a coffee loyalty card at the bar and get it stamped each day!

Salon 64 is the brainchild of Ricky Walters, a special talent who worked his way through the ranks at Daniel Galvin @The Corinthia and John Frieda (picking up other talented stylists and colourists along the way!) whom wanted the social aspect of having your hair done to extend beyond the intimate conversations between client and stylist. He wanted to put an end to clients having to hurry out of the salon to make way for the next person, and to create a functional yet relaxed space for all to feel welcome in. Well, he has certainly achieved this, and then some.

With regards to hair, I have often written about my crazy, frizzy mane, yet stylist Bradley blow dried my hair with total ease (not an easy feat) and it remained perfect all night. Ricky is actually known as the ‘curl king’, and his staff clearly follow in his footsteps- for all you fellow curly girls out there, you will not feel like a burden to the stylists at Salon 64!

There is everything to love in this salon, it’s a revolutionary concept that I’m sure will be copied in the future but right now I wonder if anyone could do it as good…. [email protected]

Salon64, 14 Bateman Street, Soho, London W1D 3AG, Tel 020 38484130

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