Smooth, Hairless Skin Via Laser

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Hair growth is just as natural as the growth of fingernails. But while trimming and caring for fingernails is rather easy, hair care is tougher. When considering unwanted hair, like on arms, legs, the face or other areas, removal is as much pain. But at a professional clinic, laser hair removal London makes quick work of this oft-repeated and cumbersome process. Forget the pain and frustration of having to shave, wax or trim down unwanted hair and step into the new era of the hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly opted for cosmetic procedures that are done through the help of dermatologists or skincare experts. To put it very simply, in the process, a low-intensity laser beam measuring about 3-4 centimetres in diameter is used to heat up hair strands, destroying the hair follicle from the root. Since the hair is destroyed from the root, chances of regrowth are next to zero.

Skin is one of the most sensitive sense organs of the body, able to detect a slight touch and still protect your flesh from unwanted excessive damage from any accidents, normal pollution and UV rays. Hair growth is dependent on many factors like demography, race, location and hormones. It works in tandem with the skin to offer additional protection. However, sometimes hair can feel unnecessary for many people, especially if they are in environments that don’t require such protection. For cosmetic purposes, the hair on the scalp is the one that is most preferred. In such cases, shaving, tweezing, waxing or trimming are the conventional options for removing unwanted hair. Each of these fails to address the core issue. Hair follicles are living cells and they give rise to hair. Until the follicles are removed or destroyed, the hair will keep growing back. In addition to that, conventional methods might not be the best options for people who have rather sensitive skin. In stark contrast to that, laser works directly on hair follicles, destroying them completely and with utter precision. Based on the area that is to be targeted, a laser hair removal process can easily be completed within minutes or can take up to a few hours. But the best thing is, once done, there’s hardly any repetition. If all the hair in the target area is not of the required length, there might be a repeat procedure, but that’s mostly the last one.

It is advisable that if you are considering going for the laser process, don’t shave, trim or pluck the hair out from the targeted area for at least a week before the procedure. However, your doctor might tell you to wait for a longer period, depending on how fast or slow the growth of hair is for you. Bleaching or waxing is also advised against.

During the process, your hair might be trimmed to a few millimetres of its original length. This helps the equipment to have a steady laser frequency that will work effectively for all hair present in the targeted area. The laser will be tuned as per the tone, density, colour and thickness of the hair and your skin sensitivity.

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