I’m always on the hunt for the hottest new treatments (and more often than not, I find them!) but occasionally it’s good to look back in the archives at the treatments that have stood the test of time and proved their effectiveness…

One such treatment is the CACI Facial. CACI has been around for donkeys years and is now having resurge in popularity, and rightly so; a study at The University of Washington showed microcurrents (such as the ones used in CACI treatments) can increase elastin by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%- so in other words it has been proven to firm, plump and nourish the skin.

I had my treatment at So Me in Clapham, it was mega busy in there with at least 5 people walking in asking for appointments while I was waiting for mine (always a good sign!) yet when I was taken upstairs for the facial it was complete calm and serenity. The treatment itself is totally pain free but you can feel a pull on each muscle as it’s being worked on- kind of what you want in a toning facial though! Immediately after the treatment you can see a very definite lift to the face, which can last up to 24hrs, but for longer lasting results a course of CACI is recommended- think of it like the gym; regular workouts gain greater results! I loved my facial and felt in very good hands at So Me, I think this might be my new pre-party treatment!

Next, bringing things bang up-to-date, I tried a new treatment taking the US by storm, FractoraFirm, the facial with the tag line ‘Look 8 years younger in 8 weeks!’ (as quoted by patients who have had the treatment) Err, yes please! Of course, the results will always vary from person to person but the client results seen have been more than impressive. So off I went to the award-winning Harley Street Skin Clinic with very high expectations! FractoraFirm takes Radio Frequency energy and localised heat to the deeper layers of the skin for optimum results; tightening and rejuvenating the skin whilst promoting all-important collagen production. The treatment is totally comfortable (I’m very sensitive to heat so I jumped a couple of times but it certainly wasn’t painful) and after the treatment there is zero downtime, meaning you don’t need to hide away for a few days as with other advanced treatments.

I was absolutely stunned by the results of this treatment. I could not believe that just one treatment could achieve such incredible results; my pores were tighter, my skin looked plumper, lines were softened and I was seriously glowing! I’d say this lasted around 2-3 weeks on me but again, this will be different on every person and the more treatments you have, the better the results. A course of 1-6 is recommended. For all my years in beauty, I think this treatment is the best I have ever seen, and I’ve seen A LOT!

So, between these 2 treatments I’ve got all bases covered; CACI for muscle toning and FractoraFirm for skin tightening! If only I could tighten the purse strings too….

CACI Facial, £60/£90 (various locations)

FractoraFirm, from £300

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