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Step forward, Dr George Roman and the treatment you didn’t know you could want…

I have been recommended, fairly regularly over the past 2 years, to have filler in my nose-to-mouth lines – I’m not offended, it’s the industry I’m in, and I agree with them; my nasal labial folds (ugh – the name makes them sound worse) definitely add a few years to my face.

The reason I’ve never taken doctors up on the offer though is for 2 reasons:

First, the best placement for filler for these lines is actually at the cheekbones! The reason you get the folds in the first place is from fat loss and drooping in the upper part of the face, this reduction in volume of the face (along with gravity) causes the folds to present themselves further down on the face, in the form of nasal labial folds and jowls, nice….. I already have high cheekbones (the irony is that I lost a load of puppy fat in my 30s, discovering nice high cheek bones, but causing the nose-to-mouth lines to appear. Mother Nature loves to give with one hand and take with the other). I think if I were to have filler on my cheekbones, they would look abnormally high and create an imbalance in my face. If I had the filler placed directly into the nasal labial lines, it could in years to come, exasperate the problem by adding weight there.

Secondly, I have suffered with auto-immune disease for the last few years, I have it under control now, but this can be a big no no for fillers. The filler that doctors use now is so safe and familiar to the body – temporary filler is a form of Hyaluronic Acid which is already present in the body and some doctors say is tolerable to Auto Immune sufferers, but, semi-permanent fillers which can’t be broken down easily by the body could certainly cause aggravation with auto-immunity. Permanent fillers shouldn’t be used at all in my opinion and are being used less and less now due to adverse effects.

So! All that said, I accepted there was no easy fix for me, and instead concentrated on using a muscle toning device (the BeGlow Tia MAS) and lots of massage! This has worked really well for me, the depth of the lines decreased significantly and I was happy with my progress, but then, I had an interesting talk with Dr Roman during which he told me about a technique he created that I can’t believe isn’t being copied by every doctor and clinic in the country!

In a nutshell, rather than ‘adding’ volume to a wrinkle, Dr Roman takes ‘away’ from the surrounding area. The technique involves a few injections – I needed 4; 1 on each side of my face beside the upper part of the nose-to-mouth line, and 1 on each side just above the jawline – the jawline injections didn’t hurt at all, the ones near the nose were a bit stingy but totally bearable. A chemical reaction is instantly triggered, drawing water into the fat cells in that area and causing them to swell (you can see this straight away!) and then pop! It is as simple as that! I had no bruising at all (some people may bruise but it would be minimal) and no noticeable swelling, the best part – the results are visible within 2 days after the treatment! This treatment has blown my mind as well as my fat!

The product is called Hypoosmolaire (not to be confused with Hyperosmolaire) and has been used for many years within liposuction surgery for a more accurate treatment and smoother finish. Dr Roman decided he would use this chemical reaction to ‘dissolve’ fat in tricky areas, and his clients are delighted! The treatment can be applied to the jowls, chin, even the eyes (which has proven to be hugely popular) it is literally, a filler-free, bespoke facial sculpt!

It is so rare to discover such an effective treatment with no downtime and rapid results! It is usual to need more than one treatment (usually 2-3 for the eyes, and 3-4 sessions for the chin) but you space the sessions out just 2 days apart, so, you can literally bust stubborn chin fat in 1 week! I had just 1 session (for research purposes!) and that alone gave a great result – it hasn’t eradicated my nose-to-mouth lines with 1 treatment but within a couple of days, the area looked much softer and my makeup wasn’t sitting in the lines anymore!

Practically pain free, quick and effective with long lasting results?? In your face Mother Nature!

Dr George Roman, 43 Devonshire Street, London W1G 7AL.

Fat Breaker Treatment: Eyes £150 per session, Chin £250 per session

For appointments, please call,  0207 323 2123

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