Middle-age Tweaks

The subtle tweaks and treats to try for a crafty bit of youth maintenance

If you look in the mirror and feel you look good but slightly different to your much younger days, but can’t quite place why, this article could be for you.

I think most of us can accept a fine line here and there – and let’s be honest, we totally should accept and embrace this, age is a blessing, but I think what some of us struggle with, is when we look the same, but different, and can’t quite work out why?

Some of the appearance change will be due to areas of fat loss in the face, loss of elasticity in the skin on different parts of the body, gained fat in other areas, pigmentation marks making their way to the skin’s surface and courser hair growth, but apart from that we’re all good!!

I know in this all-embracing era we shouldn’t be thinking about such trivial things, but the truth is, a lot of us do, and we all have our own personal reasons for wanting to look and feel our best, so let’s embrace freedom of choice too (especially when some clever people have gone to such lengths to help us…..).

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