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post-img_7901Arriving at Blush + Blow for an LVL lash treatment, one of the first things I ask my technician is what LVL is short for – because if it’s Lazy, Vain and a bit Lacklustre, then that’s me all over. I want to look amazing, I really do – but am a bit rubbish at factoring in the (ever-increasing) time required to make that happen. 

She explains that it stands for Length-Volume-Lift, which is basically what I expect from the mascara that I sometime forget to apply. Although my lashes are dark and reasonably long, I know full well that they – and my eyes – look loads better with a generous smothering of YSL Shocking, so the idea of having a similar but lasting effect from the LVL treatment is massively appealing. I’m accustomed to leaving the gym looking like a sweaty mess, but to leave looking like a sweaty mess with a semi-done (and non-smudgy) eye would be completely brilliant.

Downstairs, the atmosphere is soothing and relaxing, with gentle music playing and a huge, soft blanket placed over me. The technician advises me that, although the tint isn’t applied to the lashes until the end of the treatment, I’d best settle on my colour now, so that she doesn’t need to disturb me once I fall asleep: because your eyes remain closed for the duration of the 45 minutes, dozing off is almost inevitable.

She starts by protecting my lower lashes with pads and then pulling my upper lashes on to silicone shields and applying a serum to their roots. This all sounds as if it should be vaguely uncomfortable, but it’s truly not – and that blanket is just soooo cosy …..

… aannnnd I’m back in the room, yawning and blinking and looking into a mirror that shows me properly fluttery, perky lashes – not at all the eyes of someone who’s just indulged in a cheeky siesta!

Results last for around 4-6 weeks, depending on your lashes and their own growth – 2 weeks later mine are still looking nicely curled and lengthy – and that’s after exercising, swimming and following my general cleansing routine. When I do apply mascara – on top of a coat of £14.95 conditioning serum, which I buy as an aftercare product to strengthen my lashes and prolong the benefits of the treatment – the effect is really rather dynamic. For someone with pale, short or straight lashes, I’m guessing this could be a game-changer.

LVL lashes are priced at £80

Blush + Blow, 197 New Kings Road, Fulham SW6 4SR, T: 0207 736 0430

Blush + Blow

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