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Start the new decade with a skincare routine you can stick to, whether it be an at home routine, a quick fix (that actually works) or, in the case of expert facialist, Cristina Coelho, an addictive, step-by-step program…

Although a lot of Cristina’s work centres around anti-ageing treatments (preventative and corrective), her priority is skin health. Cristina does not work on the ‘damage the skin to trick it into repairing’ premise, she focusses on healing and boosting the natural skin function, supporting this with at home products and supplements for a 360° approach.

It is due to the products Cristina recommends which brings about the notion of having to stick to this facial routine; Cristina works primarily with Environ products (both on her clients and on herself – the perfect advert for her work, she looks 10+ years younger than her actual age). Environ use a step-by-step system, whereby you acclimatise your skin steadily to more and more active ingredients. This not only bypasses the horrible ‘irritation’ phase your skin can go through when you amp up your skincare regimen (all too often causing people to give up on products and not reap the benefits) but it also means you get the absolute best results by being closely monitored and products specifically chosen for your skin at the rate it requires them.

It sounds all a bit complicated, but it is anything but. Simply put, Cristina is your skincare councillor (or just councillor in general – she is so calming and wise!) who will nurture you through to achieve your best skin ever! It is also this progressive system that creates the ‘addiction’, everyone I know that follows this routine becomes super diligent about it, craving to reach the next level! It’s a win-win situation; a great routine resulting in amazing skin and all the while closely monitored with care by Cristina.

For some people, making the appointments and sticking to them is an issue when it comes to facials (or any self-care time, sadly), as was the case for sisters Camilla Bankes and Philippa Mitchell. They became fascinated with the idea of using facial yoga and face massage to help erase signs of stress, tiredness and tension in the face, but they couldn’t find enough time in their busy lives to keep up with regular facials. We know that giving the facial muscles a good ‘workout’ and boosting the circulation helps to relax the face, which in turn softens lines and makes it glow, but the best (and maintained) results come with consistence. So, Luminous Facial Yoga was born; an at home subscription service that gives users access to a variety of facial yoga and facial massage routines and tutorials – members are also invited to a live class once per month too. As well as the yoga tutorials, users can ask a resident Skin Therapist all skin related questions from general skincare right through to skin nutrition needs. At £2.99 per month, for a glowing complexion, from the comfort of your own home – there is a lot to love about this new service!

If you’d rather leave your face in the hands of a professional, but time is an issue, consider this; Biologically younger skin in 25 minutes!! I kid you not. BeArt for Face and Neck Rejuvenation, is outstanding. Using electromagnetic technology and soft vacuum suction, the skin is lifted and re-plumped, collagen and elastin production is increased, the skin is regenerated and oxygenated, and toxins are drained from the tissues. Totally pain-free, in fact, I found it very relaxing in the calm of London Cryo’s cosy beauty room, and shockingly effective. The face is treated 1 side at a time to showcase the lifting effect – this is always good to see but rarely lasts, however with BeArt not only did this effect last but it got better over the next 48 hours as well as giving the most amazing glow (hydration is increased significantly during this facial thanks to the technology and low density hyaluronic acid and amino acids). In short, it’s incredible – ideal for stressed, tired, ageing, dull or dehydrated skin (that’ll be most of us then).

So, take your pick and make 2020 your glowiest year ever!

Cristina Coelho, Environ Facial from £95.00, Wimpole Therapeutics, 2 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0ED,

 Luminous Facial Yoga, £2.99 per month

BeArt Face & Neck Rejuvenation, introductory price £149 per treatment (usually £300 per treatment), £1250 – course of 5 treatments or £2000 – course of 10 treatments, LondonCryo,  15C Eccleston Place SW1W 9NF Tel: 020 3371 8900

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