I am notoriously fussy when it comes to anything involving the teeth (I’ve had my run of bad luck over the years with my teeth, resulting in me becoming obsessed with their health and appearance) I do also (cautiously) whiten them occasionally too. 

Whitening is a tricky one, first and foremost you MUST use a safe product recommended by dentists, then you need to ensure you follow all pre and post whitening guidelines:

  1. Visit your hygienist before you start the whitening process -you cannot whiten through plaque build-up (ugh!) and your gums must be healthy before introducing potentially irritating whitening gel to the mouth.
  2. Avoid tea, coffee, red wine, curry etc – your teeth can become very porous during whitening and for up to one month after, so not only are they prone to staining during this time, they are also vulnerable to acid (fruit juice etc) damage.

There are many great whitening techniques and products available to us now but what if you don’t want that “dazzling white” look? Well, step forward Dr Reena Wadia and her amazing Airflow treatment! AKA a jet wash for your mouth!

When I met with Dr Wadia I was confident about my oral hygiene and gum care (and rightly so – the obsession has paid off!) but nothing quite prepares you for seeing your teeth and gums on a full sized TV screen! Despite my daily flossing, brushing and mouth-washing, I still had stains between some of my teeth, I’d noticed them a little while ago and assumed it was just part of getting older and that I couldn’t really do anything about them.

Dr Wadia starts with the most thorough consultation – asking questions you wouldn’t imagine could be relevant, which give Dr Wadia a full insight into your oral health. She then discusses your oral hygiene routine, you’d think you’d know how to brush your teeth properly, but bad habits are so easily picked up with such a mundane task. Also, it is crazy how many people still believe that if you draw a bit of blood during brushing, then you are brushing well??!! No, if you bleed, chances are you have early stage gum disease. The blood (just like when you bleed from anywhere else on the body, is a warning sign that something isn’t right).

Then the fun begins! With a choice of lemon or cherry flavours, a powerful jet wash combined with teeny, tiny particles of bicarbonate of soda, is expertly blasted over the teeth and gums! I didn’t find this uncomfortable in the slightest, in fact it felt really refreshing (helped by my choice of zesty lemon!). My teeth took a maximum of 10 minutes to complete and I was not prepared for the difference that 10 minutes would make!! It was unbelievable! Every single little stain was gone, my teeth were gleaming, and all achieved without the horrible scraping you’d usually experience at a hygienist appointment.

This is honestly my new favourite ‘beauty’ treatment! To achieve such a fantastic result in such a short space of time, makes me a happy girl! This is a perfect first step for someone considering whitening (if your teeth were originally, naturally quite white, this may be the only treatment you need) or for those that don’t have the discipline for whitening (i.e. cutting out coffee etc during the process) this could be the answer for you too. Or just for the many, many people who have a phobia of going to the dentist (a jet wash is much less daunting than a sharp, metal tool entering your mouth!). In fact, I don’t believe there is anybody that wouldn’t benefit in health and/or aesthetic from this treatment, it’s an absolute winner!

Consultation and full treatment £250

Follow up/future treatments £180

Dr Reena Wadia,Lister House 11-12 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9ST

To book, call 0207 112 9036 or visit

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