Arguably, one of the most frustrating skin concerns a high percentage of us battle with, is adult spots on ageing skin. It’s a hard combination to defeat; ageing skin requires rich, active ingredients, while spots/acne often favour calming and lighter products, so, treating both conditions at the same time can often hinder results.

The clever people behind the Envy facial were more than aware of this problem and have created an amazing facial to effectively treat these skin conditions. This is a 3-in-1 treatment of exfoliation, extraction and infusion, and the instant and long-term results are incredible.

A diamond tipped nozzle is used for a light microdermabrasion whilst a vaccuum simultaneously pulls dead skin and blockages from the pores and infuses the skin with serum at the same time! The combination of these processes being performed at the same time is key to effectiveness of the treatment; when skin is exfoliated, a protective response is very quickly activated to keep pathogens (bacteria) out. This is necessary to prevent infection, however, it momentarily restricts any skincare products from penetrating fully into the skin and reduces their impact. By infusing the skin with serum at exactly the same point of exfoliation (before the defence response has triggered) you receive maximum benefit of the serum and therefore the best possible results!

Personally, I am not a fan of regular microdermabrasion (it has never agreed with my skin) but this treatment doesn’t feel like dermabrasion at all, it is totally comfortable with zero feelings of scratchiness. My skin didn’t feel tight afterward, just incredibly clean and moisturised. I didn’t experience any redness either, but I would imagine people with touch sensitive skin may see a little pinkness in the skin for a short while after. It’s a fantastic pre-party treatment- my makeup went on like a dream that evening! And the long-term results are just as impressive with reductions being see in fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, dryness and uneven skin (including those annoying bumps on the backs of the arms!).

For me, this is a sure-fire winner; a quick treatment (30 mins) that leaves you looking great immediately after and improves your skin health over time? It’s a no-brainer!

ENVY FACIAL, £250 per session (or buy a course 4 for the price of 3), Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, Knightsbridge. To book email drrita@drritarakus.com or call 02074607324


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