Eden Skin Clinic

Eden Skin ClinicOnly once in a blue moon do I come across a beauty therapist that I believe is a ‘born therapist’. Someone who’s knowledge and care seems to be ingrained in their DNA; well, Lorraine at Eden Skin Clinic is one of those therapists.

Eden is a family affair with Lorraine at the forefront- choosing high tech equipment and designing client friendly treatments, whilst Lorraine’s interior designer sister, Nikki Rees, took care of the design of the clinics. The clinics feel as beautiful as they look; the family touch gives a real comforting ambience to the clinics yet the sleek design makes them current and fresh.

The treatment list follows in the same vein, familiar massages and waxing paired next to cutting edge laser and radio frequency (skin tightening) treatments, it’s the perfect environment for taking those first tentative steps into the advanced beauty world.

I chose the Venus Freeze cellulite treatment to lift and tighten my behind! With the heat and wave like massage movements from the machine probe, it was actually a very relaxing treatment and despite requiring a course of 8-10 treatments (that’s for everyone, not just me!) I definitely felt smoother after only 1 treatment. Let’s be clear; you won’t see a difference after one treatment but you can certainly feel which way the course of treatments will take you…..to smooth bottom heaven!

The Venus Freeze machine also offers a face treatment, using a different probe and pulsed magnetic fields to lift and tighten the skin. It is an instant Cinderella treatment, lifting and refreshing your skin ready for a special occasion or last minute event, with longer lasting results after a course of treatments.

To have advanced treatments in a non-clinical environment is just my cup of tea, my bottom and I will be back!


Kensington 020 7584 0115

Wimbledon 020 8879 9812

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