Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s because we have all lived through a pandemic- whatever it is, certain things have taken on a new dimension.

I have never been one to get bogged down with my wrinkles and crinkles, but after lockdown and seeing my face so often on Zoom, I have really been feeling my age; so I got in touch with Dr Lizzie Tuckey who is based at the Prager Clinic in London’s Knightsbridge and is the most natural looking cosmetic doctor I have ever encountered!

My initial consultation took place via Facetime, which is very of the moment, and I was reassured that my worrisome lines were nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

In actual fact, it was very beneficial chatting to a new doctor prior to any treatment as it put me more at ease and allowed me to ask any questions which I probably would have forgotten if I had gone in to see a new practitioner on the day, plus the fact you are in your own environment and have more time to chat.

I didn’t know whether she would recommend Botox or Filler as I have crinkles by my eyes (laughter lines), frown lines on my forehead and marionette creases beside my mouth. Anyone would think I had been yo-yo-ing between ecstasy and pain for the last eighteen months (how close they would be!) and even though I am a big believer in daily SPF and have tuned into the dreaded HEV which is the blue light damage that comes from using electronic devices and needs its own deterrent, my face is “characterful”. But apparently nothing that a dose of Botox couldn’t fix.

My day started well as the weather was great and I left Brighton with a bounce in my step, however the trains to London were not playing ball, and I was stuck between stations for ages, meaning I was going to be delayed for my appointment. Panicking, I contacted the clinic and told them I was going to be late, and the friendly receptionist told me to get there as soon as I could and she would try and squeeze me in. Phew! I was actually nearly an hour late, and was rather anxious, but after having some time to calm down and have a coffee in reception, Dr Lizzie came down to greet me.

I went upstairs to her treatment room, and was immediately put at ease. She remembered what we had talked about on our video call, and told me she’d like to take a 3D image of my face so we could compare the before and after shots of my treatment. If you have seen your face in 3D, this is quite an experience! Seeing a full size version of your own face is quite off-putting, but you can really see the areas that need addressing. Apparently my “problem points” were nothing out of the usual- and to be expected at my age.

I was recommended Botox, which is injected under the skin to relax the muscles, and is widely used to counteract crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s not permanent – it usually lasts for around 3 or 4 months and if you use a small dose, it can be very natural- which was a concern for me as I didn’t want to look “done’. Dr Lizzie applied some numbing gel and then whilst chatting did some quick jabs on my forehead and around my eyes, which although was a shock, only really took seconds.

She inspected my face, and rubbed away the teeny blood spots and assured me that there shouldn’t be any bruising, and that was that! You can’t notice anything straight away, but the numbness would start to kick in. I found myself trying to catch a glimpse of my face in shop windows as I passed, but really I couldn’t tell anything until the next day, when I bounced out of bed to splash my face. I saw my usual face, but with a softer filter. The main lines on my forehead had diminished to an echo of their former self, and my eyes were bright and crinkle free.

I was invited in for a follow up two weeks later, which is to see how the treatment had gone, or if anything needed even-ing or if more Botox was required- which is a great bonus, as Dr Lizzie errs on the less is more side. And I popped back three months later for a cheeky dose of Botox in my smoker’s lines. As Lizzie is a qualified doctor and facial aesthetician, she is in popular demand, but with a straightforward manner and heaps of experience, she is definitely going to be added to my mobile!

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