Cosmetica eye treatment

The greatest EYE TREATMENT I have ever had – and I’ve tried a lot of treatments!

Back when I was working in spas and clinics as a Beauty Therapist (many moons ago…) eye treatments weren’t great – and that’s being polite. Product houses would create ‘eye’ protocols for salons which were basically a mini facial around the eyes with an extended lymph drainage massage. As a therapist, I used to dread clients booking in for an eye treatment because I always felt like they would be disappointed after, no matter how much care and attention I spent on them, there was only so much we could do with the products and technology we had back then.

Well, a therapist that does not need to worry about disappointing her clients is a lady named, Nuria Maestro-Perez (Maestro by name, maestro by nature) at the Cosmetica Clinic in Balham. To be honest, Nuria is that good that I almost didn’t want to mention her by name through fear of not being able to get an appointment with her in the future. Seriously.

Nuria designed the treatment herself for Cosmetica to treat dark circles, puffiness, lines, dehydration and skin laxity, it involves (but is not restricted to); a cleanse and exfoliation around the eyes with the famous Hydra Facial, a full face cleanse and chemical peel (not with Hydra Facial), laser treatment (totally pain free and safe for the eye area), whole face LED light therapy and crucially, the Nano Soft pen which needles Hyaluronic Acid , Peptides and Amino Acids into the delicate skin around the eyes – and I mean right around the eyes! This is the most thorough of non-surgical eye treatments you can try! The Nano Soft pen has 3 fine needles which Nuria gently pushes into the skin. She is gentle but I can’t say that this part doesn’t hurt! I found it totally bearable but not particularly pleasant. The needling is incredible though; it lies somewhere between meso-therapy (injectable vitamins – deep within the skin using a large needle) and Profhilo (moveable Hyaluronic acid which attracts moisture to the skin) but this one causes much less (if any) trauma to the eyes than mesotherapy can. Immediately after the treatment, you will probably look a bit Star Trek-y with small, pale lumps all around the injection sites (definitely bring sunglasses with you to your appointment, whatever the weather!) and you may be a little swollen for up to 24hrs after, but I can promise you it is 100% worth it.

Pre-Covid, I could give or take under-eye concealer – some days I’d use it, and other days I wouldn’t. Dark circles just weren’t much of an issue for me. However, after the stress of the last few years, I have become very dark under the eyes. I’m also 42 and burning the candles at both ends, so naturally I have started to develop fine lines due to dehydration and my eyes are starting to look more hollow now too (giving the illusion of darkness under the eyes) yet after just one treatment the improvements were staggering! You have near instant results with the fine lines due to the massive (and deep) moisture hit – these results continue to improve over time as the peptides do their thing, but it was the improvement to the dark circles that floored me (in fact I still can’t quite believe it!). Cosmetica recommend you have 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart for the best results – this is not a marketing plan – you build on the Hyaluronic acid, maintain the hydration and basically ‘feed’ this delicate and hard-working area of skin to get it back to its best. After my second treatment, I didn’t look quite so Star Trek-y as my first treatment due to the already boosted hydration level (so the pale lumps were less noticeable) and the puffiness reduced much quicker too. This really is an incredible treatment which I’d recommend to anyone concerned with the eye area (all of us?!).

As for Cosmetica, it is a great little find; it has all the local salon warmth and friendliness, alongside doctor-led tweakments and the most advanced beauty treatments too – all in their own unique Cosmetica style.

I will definitely be back for more (if I can get an appointment…).

  • BeautifEYE Treatment Eyes x 1 session – £165.00
  • Package x 3 sessions – £445.00 (2 weeks apart)
  • Cosmetica London – 4 Hildreth Street, London, SW12 9RQ

Call: 020 7205 4046
Email: [email protected]

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