Chuan Yu Facial At The Chuan Spa Langham Hotel

London’s first Chuan Spa opened its doors earlier this year and has already won an award for its luxurious state of the art interior design. Resident of Langham Hotels worldwide including Hong Kong and Australia, Chuan Spa takes its philosophy from traditional Chinese medicine, blending holistic approaches with relaxation techniques to revitalise the body and calm the soul.

Chuan Spa- Chuan Yu Facial Treatment ReviewHidden in the vaults of a converted bank, the Chuan Spa offers the ultimate in relaxation. Their treatments draw from the importance of balance and harmony in the concept of Ying and Yang. Creating the optimal balance of the five elements, fire, water, earth, metal and wood can rejuvenate physically and mentally.

Their new Chuan Yu facial is a luxury treatment that leaves the skin feeling smoother and brighter looking, whilst eliminating toxins and improving blood flow. Before each treatment the spa encourages a Tri-Bathing ritual that involves a hot sauna, cold shower and long soak in the vitality pool. Alternating between hot and cold aims to help restore natural harmony to the mind, body and soul.

The 75-minute therapy begins with the stimulation of acupoints with jade stones. Believed to boost the flow of positive energy, breathing with the stones soothes and calms the negative energy that affects the body. Discussing with your therapist any ailments or conditions you have allows them to determine where your imbalances lie.

Combining eastern and western techniques, the facial begins with a deeply hydrating ritual with stimulation of acupoints that draw you into a peaceful state of mind. A nourishing face mask is applied whilst the therapist briefly massages arms and legs before stimulating acupoints on the hands and feet.

To complete your treatment, the therapist applies small magnets on acupressure points on the ear. Known as ear auricular therapy, the dots help stimulate internal organs. Lasting for a few days post-treatment, the therapist will advise which points to massage to alleviate any tension and body complaints.

The detoxifying therapy will leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed and replenished. You will be invited to recuperate in the relaxing room with a Chinese tea of your choice before returning to the real world.

The Chuan Spa London offers six private treatment rooms, including a Couple’s Spa Suite, pre and post treatment relaxation area, a vitality pool, and herbal steam rooms and saunas, a state-of-the-art Technogym cardio and 16 metre swimming pool.

Chuan Yu is suitable for all skin types and is priced at £100 for 75 minutes. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.

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