Chin bumps be gone!

I’ve officially entered middle age, and that is not something that I thought I would ever type so boldly; and along with middle age, comes a whole load of new hormones, hot flushes, adult spots, sleepless nights and crinkly chin skin! Now that might sound dramatic, but the bumpy chin ‘cellulite’ that had suddenly crept up on me needed to be taken in hand, so I trotted off to see my favourite cosmetic doctor, Dr Ahmed El Muntasar in Mayfair (he also has clinics in Manchester and Leeds).

I didn’t really know what the best solution was so I placed my face in the hands of the expert, who has truly seen it all, and is at the forefront of high-end aesthetics procedures that are non-surgical and non-invasive. A legend in the aesthetics world, he is renowned for wanting to make clients be the best version of themselves, so I was intrigued as to how I could fix my chin.

Rather than alarm me, Dr A and his delightful bedside manner, acknowledged my concerns and made me pull some funny faces to discover the root of my squidgy chin; and what do you know! Apparently it was overly tense muscles. I didn’t even realise I could clench my chin muscle, but it’s the same principle as forehead wrinkles just manifesting in a different way, so he just recommended a pop of Botox to relax the area around my jowls.

As Botox is purely a sedative, it temporarily blocks the synaptic connections in your nerve endings from tensing up, and encourages them to take a snooze, so I was aware that my chin may default to it’s crinkly form in the future, but I’m all about living in the moment, and a six month fix was fine with me!

So with a couple of pricks, the Botox was left to do the work and I had a cheeky smile lift with the rest of the vial. To be honest, I hadn’t really known what to expect when I entered the clinic, but Dr A hit the nail on the head, and the skin on my chin is as relaxed as it can get. The whole procedure was over in under twenty minutes and was able to crack on with my afternoon appointments without anyone noticing a thing!

I also received a really useful email after visiting, for extra reassurance and advice, and a couple of weeks later, the Botox had settled in and my chin was as relaxed as it had been in my twenties and thirties.

If you’re nervous about getting Botox for the first time and don’t know what to expect, Dr A is truly the best man for the job. Newbies get a thirty minute phone consultation, and you can check out his Insta account to see countless successful procedures!

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