Blue Peel Radiance

post-bpThe perfect pre-party complexion perfector peel! (Try saying that after a few glasses of champagne!)

Yes, that’s right a PRE-party peel, as in; face peel. Face peels have a slight fear factor about them but that’s quite unjustified- peels can be amazing for the skin and of course there are many different intensities available nowadays too.

I was a skin care specialist for years and I loved the results chemical peels gave my clients, especially those suffering from blocked pores but concerned about the first signs of ageing. Peels have a cascade effect on the skin, gently seeping through the pores pushing dead skin cells and grime to the surface. Besides making the complexion smoother and clearer, peels can also make the pores look smaller and improve the appearance of pigmentation too- see, nothing to fear here! The majority of new generation peels do not require any downtime either (*time when you need to hide away from the world!) and none more so than the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Treatment. The famous Obaji Blue Peel is now available in different strengths and the radiance treatment is specifically designed for an instant fix!

I had my treatment with Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, Aesthetics Doctor at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni the day before a big event I was attending and I wanted to look my absolute best. After a thorough consultation, the treatment began. I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, and reassuringly the prickly feeling was more intense on my problem areas. The ‘prickliness’ comes from the salicylic acid in the peel which is an incredible pore cleaner and skin brightener. The only slight discomfort I had was in my nose! I have an incredible sense of smell so I felt the need to take shallow breaths through my mouth only (turns out I’m in the minority as nobody else I know that has had the treatment felt like this!).

After the treatment my face looked a bit red in places but not sore at all, I noticed my pores looked instantly more refined. The next day at my event, my skin looked incredible! The annoying breakouts on my chin that previously wouldn’t clear up were practically all gone and my face was so smooth and bright! It really is the perfect pre-party treatment!

Over the days that followed I had a fair amount of peeling and dryness (I was warned this could happen) but again it was mostly on my problems areas so it made me feel like those areas had been thoroughly targeted by the peel, which is a good thing! By day 5, post-peel, the true results of the peel are visible; smooth, bright, clear skin! I imagine the results get better and better with regular treatments and the ‘peeling period’ would be less as there will be less of a build-up of dead skin.

With fans such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Alicia Keys (no wonder she goes make-up free these days!) and backing from the best in the business – aesthetician to the stars, Dr Rita Rakus says “these celebrities understand the power of using scientifically proven skincare which is why they choose to use Obagi Medical. Obagi products work at a cellular level to transform skin from the inside out.” – this is a little blue peel that really does put the glow back in your cheeks!

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