It’s still only January, and I’ve already discovered the must-have treatment for 2023 and beyond

I have always championed inner-health for outer beauty – I’ve taken high-quality probiotics and beauty supplements religiously for many, many years now, and I’m always on the hunt for the next wonder ingredient to boost my inner-outer health. But it wasn’t until my horrific divorce (and subsequent court case) that I truly appreciated the detrimental effect long-term stress has on your face and body.

In the build-up to the court case and the consequent sale of the family home, I began to quite clearly see a decline in my appearance and my energy; my eyes had lost their spark, and they looked quite sunk and sallow, my skin was ok (due to my ott dedicated beauty regime) but it didn’t glow in its usual way. My hair became more brittle, and I definitely noticed a few more greys pop up – I don’t mind this so much, as it makes my roots less noticeable(!) but it was a very clear indicator of the stress I was under. Worse than all that, was the feeling I had trying to get out of bed every morning, I felt comatose – it was a real daily struggle that I began to dread every evening as I went to bed.

When court ended and the house move was done, the emotions started to kick in – just when I thought I’d be able to get back on track, I became a forgetful, emotional wreck! Coupled with ongoing back issues, I started to research ways of recovering and getting back to my best; it was then that I stumbled across Ms Kara Mia Vernon and Bioresonance.

Bioresonance was developed in Germany and has been used for over 70 years in the health sector. Using a machine (a very, very expensive machine) which measures the frequency of energy wavelengths within the body from head to toe. Unhealthy cells and organs are said to emit altered electromagnetic waves which the measures pick up on, along with any irregularities, to diagnose disease and imbalance in the body. It is also said, to often correct those imbalances by automatically changing those waves back to their normal frequency.

Knowing all this, I was expecting to be wired up to a big machine with suctions stuck to my head and body! Instead of my dramatic expectations, you simply sit comfortably on a chair, opposite the delightful Kara Mia, and hold an electrode in each hand, which are connected to the Bioresonance machine. You do not feel a thing during the machine’s readings of your energy wavelengths, and the findings are sent instantly to Kara Mia’s computer. It is important to note, as intuitive and experienced as Kara Mia is, she is purely reading the information the machine gives her; no guess work, no assumptions, just clear results based on your wavelengths, in her words “it is a lie detector for the body”. You will be given instant feedback while Kara Mia inputs for different tests, and the final full report is sent to you a few days after the treatment.

Well Kara Mia might call it a lie detector, but I’d call it a full-on psychic! Among other things, my instant results spoke of my tight connective tissue and joints – this wasn’t a surprise to me, but the cause most definitely was a surprise; it wasn’t my ageing years, but my emotions that were causing the problems, the machine was so detailed as to say that I was suffering from “deeply sad emotions due to emotional hurt and betrayal” (I mean, I knew the divorce was bad, but wow!). The machine also picked up on the exact 3 vertebrae that my chiropractor has highlighted as problematic in me. My liver and kidneys were also highlighted as unbalanced, but the machine returned them to their natural frequencies straight away! It is important to note, the machine can manipulate the body’s cells to vibrate at their correct frequency during the treatment, but they will not necessarily hold to begin with. And for those frequencies that aren’t rebalanced immediately, Kara Mia describes it as a game of Jenga – the frequencies have altered for a reason, and that reason needs to be picked apart slowly and carefully with the body’s permission.

Next, the machine works through your food intolerances and colour codes them from ‘Avoid completely’ to ‘cut down’ and ‘fine’. For some of the ‘avoid completely’ foods, Kara Mia advises cutting them out for a month, and then to reintroduce them slowly before deciding whether they should be cut out permanently or not, because our intolerances can actually change and fluctuate all the time depending on lots of different factors. Well, my results were very exciting (to me)! No gluten, wheat or lactose intolerances were revealed, I was just advised to cut out all Soya and Tofu (not a problem at all) and for 1 month to avoid butter and green beans (again, not a problem, until I realised that also meant cakes and biscuits!). Bioresonance is a 360° wellness treatment looking at all areas of health and well-being, yet it comes in at the fraction of the cost of food intolerance testing (considering consultations, testing and follow-up appointments) and I dare say, Bioresonance could be more accurate.

So far, so impressed. Then Bioresonance pulled out its Ace card. You are asked to bring along all your medications and supplements to your Bioresonance appointment (not pictures) while holding the electrodes again, Kara Mia placed each supplement of mine onto the machine and it told her if my body liked them and/or if it was worth my while taking them!! Mind blown. As it happened, I’d recently changed to a powder form of a supplement I swear by, as I thought the powder might be more potent and easily absorbed. Wrong! According to the machine, the powder form was of no benefit to me at all. Some very cheap vitamin D and zinc caps agreed with me, but the expensive hair supplement was almost pointless for me! How incredible?! Kara Mia then guided me on which supplements will and won’t benefit – not only will I save myself a fortune on useless (for me) supplements, but I will also reap the rewards of the ones my body does like! Ace card indeed.

Speaking of supplements, the machine also devises a digital bespoke remedy to take away with you that day, to continue the healing frequencies and aid with maintenance; for me, it is 1 pill under the tongue in the morning and 1 in the evening.

The appointment ends with Kara Mia carefully explaining to me the effect my recent emotional stress and long-term narcissistic abuse (I think the ‘stronger’ you are, the more you end up tolerating), has had on my body, and how to heal from it – starting with speaking much more kindly to myself (a habit of the opposite I didn’t realise I had). I’ve always been told how strong of mind I am, and how well I deal mentally with stressful situations, but now it seems, I’ve found where I have been channelling those stresses – deep within my bones!

A few days after my appointment, I receive my full report on what the machine found, how I can help myself, what foods to avoid (and for how long) and lifestyle changes to make – for example, I am highly sensitive to electronic waves, so Kara Mia recommends switching off all appliances in the bedroom at night, and not to charge my phone at the side of my bed. Ideally, I shouldn’t have a TV in the bedroom at all, but we compromised on switching it off at the mains every night! I then received a supplement prescription to aid with my healing, along with clear instructions on when and what to take. You simply follow the link, and your prescription is waiting for you; enter your delivery details, make the payment (incredibly reasonably priced supplements of the highest quality) and your supplements arrive at your door a couple of days later.

I have been following Kara Mia’s advice on the findings of the machine to a tee. It feels like the most personalised program I have ever undertook, and I have to say, the easiest, from start to finish. It’s still early days, and I’m frightened to say this out loud – so take this as a whisper…. after 5 years of daily back pain, my back has finally started to respond to treatment, and I have experienced a handful of pain-free days. Happy tears!

Bioresonance, and particularly in the hands of Kara Mia, has to be the most fascinating and worthwhile treatment I have ever had (and I’ve had A LOT). Beauty starts with wellness – a stressed face, no matter how beautiful, will never be as appealing as a happy one. Look after your insides first – physical and emotional, and the rest will follow ©

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