Beginners guide to Botox

There is a way to get rid of wrinkles, and I am the living proof! After trying almost every non injectable treatment known to man, I looked fresh and plump, but my misspent youth has taken its toll and given me some pretty deep lines. I obviously hadn’t started to preserve my skin early enough, and take care of my collagen!

Heading to meet Dr Mayoni an ex-surgeon at the very boutique at the Epilium & Skin Clinic, which bills itself as a French Medical Beauty Clinic, I felt very chic. With super-relaxed surroundings, I was treated like an old friend, as we chatted about my lifestyle, skin care routine and concerns. There is no point in fibbing to a practitioner as you want to get the best results! So many years of unprotected basking in the sun and late nights were exposed….

Wanting to get the full effect of the consultation, I bared my makeup-free face for the dreaded ‘before’ shots, and there was no mistaking where my lines lay.. An abundance of laughing, gossiping, and sun-worshipping along with some very noticeable frown lines (which I didn’t realise were so acute as I normally hide them under my fringe), I felt very naked and exposed. But I guess I was. But if you want something fixed you have to go back to basics. And although I couldn’t get my plump and un-weathered cheeks back, all manner of treatments are available at the Epilium & Skin Clinic, and I could certainly benefit from some padding, line erasing and smoothing.

Put at ease, Dr Mayoni reassured me she had treated all kinds of skin and ages, and actually hitting the injectables at 45 is actually quite novel! Claiming that all the lines could be treated, I was a little apprehensive- fillers, botox, needling, face peels- the options were endless. But as I wanted to leave the clinic with some instant results, I plucked up the courage to have a shot of Botox. I only plumped for the smile lines around my eyes and the pesky “11” between the brows, as to be quite honest, I am not a fan of needles, and wanted to appear as natural as possible and not look in any way ‘done’.

Twenty four hours later, and I can honestly say my face looks fresher. The deep lines around my eyes have faded, but I can still smile, and express myself. For me the “11” is the most noticeable, as now I don’t look like I am constantly about to question something! For any big scaredy cats out there, go for a consultation, there are so many options available and a myriad of miracle results!

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