Back fat be gone at New Life Aesthetics

Hands up if you’ve got back fat? Even if you don’t think you do, there is a high possibility that you have some excess flesh overhanging your bra..And there is no exercise that can get rid of it!!! Trust me- I have tried everything and begged personal trainers to help me! But no number of tricep dips or back presses can spot check the pesky back bulge.

But, there is a cheats way of banishing the baggy skin and it doesn’t involve any cutting or sucking. The Exilis Elite is the latest miracle machine and uses a combination of radio frequency energy and ultrasound to stimulate fat lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) and remodels collagen (for skin tightening). This results in attacking a specific area from under the surface, which no amount of press ups can do.

Taking just eight minutes on each area, the feeling is slightly odd. You have a conductor pad attached to you and lots of gel is applied to the target area, and you just lie back and relax. As much as you can whilst the temperature on the wand heats up to forty degrees! It’s not an unpleasant procedure, just a little uncomfortable as your skin is cooked and your collagen tightens. But the idea that specific areas can be addressed means that deep tissue and fat can be blitzed stimulated, improving skin texture and any looseness.

The device can be used everywhere and is gaining popularity as a vagina tightener. With miraculous results for incontinence, vaginal laxity which in turn improves sexual satisfaction, even the aesthetic appearance if you are looking a bit droopy down there. Unlike lasers, this treatment can go beyond the surface of the vaginal tissue to intensify the effects and help regenerate moistness, which affects many women during menopause.

In fact, it you have an issue with stubborn love handles, bingo wings, saddlebags, post-baby tummies, turkey necks or face jowling, the Exilis Elite could be the answer to your prayers.

It even works on plumping up lips! Not shy in trying anything out, I had a cheeky couple of lip sessions, and left with an instant result and a noticeable more padded upper lip.

Cue smug klaxon.. After just four treatments (four to six are recommended) I feel tighter and more determined than ever to cut down on my crisp addiction, so I won’t tempt the bad fat back, and my therapist Mo Ashraf, assured me that it will just get tighter over the next three months. Just in time for Christmas party season!

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