Top Nail Picks For Summer 2020

Dear girls, the Summer season has begun which means that you should be well-equipped by now! What do we mean by this? Make sure that you have your prettiest bikinis, boldest lipsticks, as well as the most noticeable gel polishes ready to go!

This Summer, we know what colours will be a full hit that you don’t want to miss out on! Browse through our top 6 gel polishes and find your perfect shade down below!

  1. California Coral

Who doesn’t love corals? This colour is one of the most-asked-for shades at nail salons, and it is a colour that will make every skin tone pop!

Pair up your bright coral with your favourite white shorts and a white hat, you will look divine in this combo!

We highly recommend that you stick to shorter oval nails with this shade since this combo looks the most feminine.

  1. Pink Lemonade

If you wish to stand out and you are a fan of brighter polishes, this Pink Lemonade is your match made in heaven!

Bright pinks usually look the best on longer nails, and every woman can rock this colour, no matter her age!

Go for a stiletto or almond-shaped nails with this colour, and stick to medium-longer nails.

  1. Water Games

If you are a beach lover and you enjoy spending your time at the pool, stick with this fitting shade – Water games.

Blue coloured nails scream fun, summer, as well as harmony. We recommend pairing your blue nails with the perfect pink lipstick, especially if you wish to take some pictures.

This look will suit women who like to stand out, and who prefer pastel shades.

  1. Beach Party

This bright purple gel polish is the perfect shade for younger women, as well as girls who love long nails.

”Beach party” is all about making a statement, and it will look the best on younger women who prefer flashy colours.

Colour your toenails in this colour as well, and enjoy the full effect and beauty of purples!

  1. Lavender

Pastel polishes such as this one are usually worn during the Spring, but who says that you can’t embrace them right now?!

This Lavender colour is the perfect pastel that will look amazing on shorter & longer nails.

Pair up this shade with another pastel accessory, such as a bright bag, a headband, or some funky slippers – you will enjoy the vibe!

  1. Shocking Pink

If you like Barbie pink nails, this Shocking Pink is the perfect shade for you.

Go for longer nails and stick to a square-shape in this case. Also, finish off the look with bright pink lipstick and embrace your Barbie fantasy!

We recommend pairing this gel with a lot of golden jewellery whenever you’re out of the house. If you are a fan of flashy looks go big, or go home!

Ready For The Perfect Nails?

So, which manicure is your favourite? Let us know what gel is going to be on your go-to list this Summer in the comments down below!

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