The Top 5 Vintage Eyelash Styles To Try This Summer

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Our summer might not be the one we had hoped for this year but the pandemic has certainly given us more time to try out new styles. Vintage is a trend that will never be out of fashion and it isn’t just our clothing that provides that retro look.

Nailing your makeup, specifically your eyes, can really tie in these classic looks. Your eyelashes can make a world of difference between vintage chic and antique anguish. Flawless strip lashes should be a staple in your makeup bag when wanting to pull off these styles but how do you know which ones to choose?

Below we look at some of the most popular eyelash trends over the last century and how you can achieve this look for summer 2020.

Roaring ‘20s

It may seem like 2020 is mimicking the 1920s, the world was experiencing a pandemic and economical crisis that had hit countries across the globe.

Thankfully, the 1920’s still had some upsides and one of those was the rise in makeup choices and women finally were given a chance to really express themselves after the repression Victorian and Edwardian era.

False eyelashes were finally available to the masses and this saw a real focus towards eye makeup.

If you’re looking to channel your inner flapper then your lashes should be all about length and curl. The eyelash curler had been invented the decade before and women couldn’t get their hands on them fast enough.

You may be tempted to go crazy with volume but this wasn’t a trend at this time, so for an authentic look try to avoid this.

Team with 1920’s makeup, red lipstick is a must-have and kohl eyeliner was used excessively, so put down the liquid liner.

1930’s Subtly

Now that movie actresses were finally able to add dialogue to their performance, they no longer relied on over-the-top makeup for expression.

There was still a huge emphasis on the curl but length became more natural. In fact, most women of the era opted for false eyelashes that would leave others questioning if they were fake or if the wearer was simply blessed with naturally luscious lashes.

The rest of the eye was left bare, or a sweep of natural nude palettes was added to subtly enhance natural eye colour.

Red lipsticks were slowly replaced with pink and nude shades and thin, arched eyebrows were meticulously drawn on. The whole look was finished off with a matte power to create a pale complexion.

Land Girl Lashes

WWII may have impacted Europe in ways many of us couldn’t imagine but this didn’t stop women from looking beautiful.

Ladies of this decade were encouraged to look fabulous, to boost their own morale but to also give soldiers something positive to think about and get them through the tough time in the trenches.

However, they were still expected to be modest. With factories across the country closed or creating alternative, essential supplies, makeup and lashes were hard to come by.

False eyelashes were considered incredibly wasteful during this troubled time so women were getting more inventive with their morning routines. Burnt cork was a common substitute for mascara, it didn’t provide length but gave volume to natural lashes.

If you are choosing false eyelashes to replicate this era, volume over length is best. Women still had their curlers from before the war and were often the only way they could add any beauty to their face so a good curl is essential.

Red lipstick was back, but not by choice, women were limited to household items for their lip tint and beetroot was readily available and not rationed so the red hues from this was on almost every female face across the country.

Lindy Hop Lashes 

The ‘50s saw the return of excessive makeup, women across the nation rejoiced as their favourite makeup brands returned to manufacturing after the war.

With eyelashes, the bigger the better and the birth of the ever-popular cat eyeliner was born. 1950’s eyelashes concentrated on the outer edges, helping to enhance the winged eyeliner.

False eyelashes can be of length, volume or both with this decade but always buy some that have an accentuated outer wing.

Cherry red lipstick, teamed with rouge and filled eyebrows create one of the most popular and timeless vintage looks that works with every skin tone and face shape.

Swinging ‘60s

Think of ‘60s makeup and extravagant eyelashes are iconic. Twiggy was the fashionista of the era and her lashes inspired women’s makeup choices globally.

Length and volume were are the forefront but any ‘natural’ look went out the window. Lashes were meticulously separated to create a spider eye. If you can’t find false eyelashes like this on the market, you can style them yourself.

Cheap mascara that clumps can actually be a bonus here, cover your lengthened falsies and use a pin to separate, tweezers of a steady hand can clump these together.

For a really dramatic ‘60s look, add a set of lashes to your lower lid as well. Add floating eyeliner and a bold eyeshadow colour and you’ll be ready to do The Twist in no time.

Peace, Love and the 1970’s

The age of the hippies was in full swing and the natural look was all the rage. This doesn’t mean you can still don a pair of lashes.

Look for a natural pair and team these with subtle coral blush and a nude lipstick. For more of a statement, you can add a sweep of light green eyeshadow and some liquid liner.

Don’t forget to braid your hair and add a flower or two!

All these trends have resurfaced throughout the last couple of decades and history is constantly repeating itself. When not take this time stuck at home to try each of them out and see what works best for you?

Who knows, this might be the start of a whole new wardrobe and makeup bag, everyone loves vintage!

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