With news slowly trickling in that blue light is bad for us, what does that actually mean?  

So much is known about the harmful effects of UV light on the skin and we wear SPF daily. But High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light is becoming a top contender in creating skin early skin damage.

Blue light travels at a different wavelength to UV rays. It penetrates the surface at a deeper level and easily passes through sunscreens to generate free radicals and break down our stretchy collagen from within. So in order to tackle this nearly invisible demon, it needs a targeted, scientifically developed formulation to block their rays and keep them from invading us from within.

Where does blue light come from?

Blue light is in smartphones, laptops, and electronic devices. Wherever you see an artificial glow from a screen- that tiny fragment is the short-wavelength blue/violet band of the visible light spectrum and makes up about 35% of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation and antioxidants; which in the grand scheme of things is something we need to protect our skin from.

If we consider that living through a pandemic and three lockdowns in the space of a year has taken a toll on our health and wellbeing, now we must consider what all the Zooming, scrolling and web based activities that have kept us occupied, have actually been doing to our skin. All the devices that we have used to keep us company through the doom and gloom have actually been emitting blue light rays, which as recent research demonstrates, can lead to changes in our skin. Exposure as short as 60 minutes can trigger cell shrinkage, accelerated pigmentation and free radical damage that occurs from UV and visible light,

But whilst we can’t undo the past, the boffins at Higher Nature have come up with a solution to address our addiction to our smartphones. Consisting of targeted “Digital Defence” products for different areas, it uses natural ingredients which are proven to help restore skin and reduce the visible signs of digital ageing. “Digital Defence” is a scientifically formulated, 100% organic skincare blend that works with the skin to add a layer of protection against the daily assault of HEV blue light, and has created products across the spectrum so you won’t have to jeopardize your preferred face mask or eye cream. The range consists of a Moisturising Protection Cream, Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Dual Action Eye Cream, Exfoliating Treatment Mask and a Day & Night Protection Serum, which means your skin will not miss out on any of its normal hydration.

We have been educated that we need to protect our skin from sunlight, and Digital Defence is designed to complement any SPF that you currently use. I have tried the daily moisturizer and eye cream for a month and I feel pretty smug and glowing- knowing that even though I have more bathroom products, at least I can enjoy a guilt free Netflix binge, without worrying about getting wrinkles.

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