How to Make the Layered Hairstyles Work for You

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Considering versatility, you won’t find many hairstyles to name. Layered styles are glaring exceptions. Suitable for any hair length, short or long, this style does an excellent job of adding an impression of visual texture and volume to your strands. Many of you might have written it off as a backdated ultra-choppy style from the early 2000s, but the trend has come back. 

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With layered locks, this particular way of trimming makes your hair look thicker and longer. It’s possible to re-imagine this versatile style into practically numerous variations. How do you figure out the perfect layer trim to complete your facial features and shapes? Here are some inspirations for your next hair cut:

Bob Layer for Mid-Length Hair

A bob cut with layered hair could be highly flattering to medium-size locks. It looks better if you add layers on one side. Leave the shortest layers just underneath the cheekbone, and the longest locks will match the length that you want the hair to be. This particular style complements both oval and long facial structures.

Women with a substantial hair volume could use frontal bangs to conceal the temple and one side of the face, creating an enigmatic persona. Bangs on the front will reform your face into a linear shape.

Wavy Layers for Thin Hair

Wavy hair looks cool, but you need to bring layers to turn heads. Already being popular, this cut suits best for women who have thin hair.

For short wavy locks, sport a chic look by trimming the end of the locks in a layered fashion. Frontal bangs will be nice for keeping a large forehead covered.

Flatter a Round Facial Shape

A large number of women have an all-around even, full face, and it’s quite hard to find a haircut that complements that facial shape, especially when your hair is straight. With no visual texture like curls or ringlets, straight tresses fall flat and highlight your round face even more.

Long, face-framing layers could be the right choice to end the haircut dilemma of all round-faced girls. When you have a large forehead or want to make your face look slender or longer, go for side-swept bangs.

Asymmetrical Bob

This cut is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. To get the more bangs (literally) out of this fashion, combine it with layers. The layered locks on the side feature sharp edges, and they lay gently on your cheeks. Best suitable for long and oval faces, it creates an illusion of a chiseled jawline. You can part the tresses in the middle, but side-parting is more popular since it allows covering the temple with the layered front locks.

Graduated Layered Bob for Square Face

A visible jawline looks sexy, but some women don’t like to have a prominent jawline. People with a square-shaped face usually have a discernible jaw and a large temple. A graduated layered bob hanging below the jawline will soften the noticeable contours. In case of fixing the square shape, do a deep side parting so that the volume of strands on the crown adds length to the face, making it somewhat longer


Layered trimming styles seem to have a solution for your never-ending hair styling problems. Whether you are struggling with thin or thick hair, or hard-to-style-up face shape, cutting your tresses in layers could be the answer. However, always keep in mind your facial structure and hair volume before settling for a hairdo.

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