How to Handle Any Beauty Emergency Like a Pro

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Regular beauty routines go a long way towards helping us look our best, but nothing can prevent life from getting in the way. Whether it’s a huge pimple that arises on an important day or a complete wardrobe malfunction, these everyday disasters can feel like the world is ending when you put enough pressure on yourself. Rather than let that stress get to you, follow this guide on how you can handle any beauty emergency like a pro:

How to Handle a Pimple Emergency

One common trope in any wedding movie is the dreaded pimple that seemingly enflames the night of your big day. This pimple could seem to contain all the ingredients needed to be your downfall, but it isn’t. The only thing you need to remember is to not pick at it. Instead, apply some ice and cover it up. Who is going to remember a pimple ten years down the line? Trying to pick at it, however, could cause redness, swelling, and even scabbing, so try to be patient and forget about it.

How to Handle a Bad Hair Day

Great hair days have us feeling like queens. Every tilt of our heads and ever flourish is yet another excuse to showcase how great our hair looks. When we have a bad hair day, however, this often means pinning it up and leaving it be and, as most bad hair days occur when a shower is not an option for one reason or other, far too many women deal with a terrible hairdo and leave it at that. Instead, try getting some dry shampoo and if you are still not happy with the results, try a more creative hairdo than just the messy bun. The intricacy of a braid will hide any hidden hair kinks – we promise!  

How to Handle a Fashion Meltdown

Being out anywhere, whether it’s a night out or a business meeting, and experiencing a fashion meltdown can be terrible. A rip in your skirt, a hole in your jeans – these can all be very humiliating once you notice them. While the best way to deal with these meltdowns is to be prepared, that isn’t always an option. That’s why, when the worst does happen, asking for help can be your saving grace. See if someone has a sweater you can borrow, or a needle and thread kit. Chances are, however, is that you are the only person who notices, so in a pinch, try to let it go and forget about it until you get home.

How to Handle a Dental Disaster

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you. Either it’s your smile, or how they look when you are talking to them. White, straight teeth are a sign of health, and as a result most people look best with them. That’s why regular dental maintenance is so important. Regular maintenance can keep your teeth and gums healthy for decades, but it cannot help if, say, you chipped your tooth after tripping and falling down. That’s why not only do you need to maintain your teeth, you need to know where an emergency dentist is, like Life Dental and Wellbeing.

Life is unpredictable, meaning that there will be days when a disaster happens that could completely throw you through off your game. Rather than panic, follow the steps as outlined in this guide so that you can get a handle on your beauty emergency quickly and effectively. There is no problem that can beat you, so long as you stay calm and fix it.

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