Everything you need to know about eyebrow tattoo

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Eyebrows are an essential feature of a face, and it is an obsession for many individuals nowadays. It certainly can help in face beauty and uplifting confidence. However, there are scenarios where people lose eyebrows or naturally lack full and thick hair for grooming purposes.  

There are several solutions for making eyebrows appear fuller and more prominent, eyebrow tattoo is famous among them all. The latest technique is unlike the past. With new technology and cosmetic advancement, an eyebrow tattoo is more realistic.

Back in the day, it used to look solid and tempered. The current eyebrow tattoo makes the brows look fuller and in the desired shape. People struggling with thin or light eyebrows attempt to draw an arch all the time, which is time-consuming and frustrating. Eyebrow tattooing has addressed all concerns.

Do your research

It is still relatively new, and therefore, before booking an appointment, you need to do proper research. Everything is available just a click away and gathering all the information will help you make an informed decision.

Go through procedures, look for an experienced and certified artist, read reviews and make a list of your concerns/questions. Booking a pre-procedure consultation is important where you can discuss everything during the meeting and clear your doubts.

An eyebrow tattoo is not permanent

Unlike traditional tattoos, this one is semi-permanent. Instead of ink, artists use pigment, a degradable ink, and inject it not as deeply as other tattoos. Eyebrow tattoo is a form of cosmetic art and with time the body digests the ink and the tattoo fades away.

Hence, the role of an artist is significant. Once the tattoo dries up, the ink shows the real colour, so the choice of colors matters. An experienced practitioner with extensive knowledge of colours will minimise this risk.

Retention of eyebrow tattoo

Before going for the experiment, learn how long eyebrow tattoos last. Skin type matters in this procedure. Ideally, on dry skin, the tattoo lasts longer compared to oily skin, which rejects the pigment and makes it tough. Taking precautionary measures can help in lasting the eyebrow tattoo.

If your skin is prone to scars, you need to be extra careful and ask for recommendations from an expert. Other than skin routine, sun exposure also impacts the longevity of the tattoo.

Keeping up the tattoo

Being a temporary solution, you need to take care of it. Eyebrow tattoo lasts for 1-3 years depending on your care and skin type. Eventually, it will disappear, but you can make efforts to make it last longer. A yearly or semi-yearly touch-up will keep your eyebrow tattoo in top form.

A painful procedure

Mind you, eyebrow tattooing comes at a price. It is a painful process similar to traditional tattooing. Besides, the eyebrow area is extra sensitive, so needles piercing through can be painful.

Indeed, it is an uncomfortable experience, but you have a choice of using a numbing solution. However, it can make it difficult for the artist as skin becomes slippery, but it makes the process comfortable.

Healing process

Eyebrow tattoo requires time to heal. Many experts suggest that it must be treated like a wound. You must not rub it, apply makeup, touch it and prevent it from sweating while healing. There is specific care that you should be taking in order to heal the area.

Not identical

After eyebrow tattooing, your eyebrows will not be identical. They are not identical naturally, so humanly created brows have to be slightly different. Therefore, keeping realistic expectations is important.

Also, you might feel uncomfortable right after the procedure because suddenly your eyebrows are thicker, fuller, and darker. It takes several weeks to soften up and for you to get used to it. This is why patience will be crucial in this entire procedure.

Types of eyebrow tattoo


It is the most famous and used form of eyebrow tattooing. The process involves injecting pigment through a handheld tool consisting of numerous needles. It is a semi-permanent solution and copies realistic-looking hair. It requires annual or semi-annual touchups.


It is similar to microblading, but the main difference is the needle. The nanoblading process uses a digital tattoo machine with a single needle. This process is suitable for those who have thick and oily skin but want a natural look.

Powder brows

The process of powder brows is similar to nanoblading. It also uses a single needle tool and is appropriate for textured and oily skin. This gives a powdery look, and the result is more filled in. Besides, the powder brows procedure helps correct or fill the previous eyebrow tattoo.

Benefits of eyebrow tattooing

  • It is completely a personal choice to get eyebrows tattooed. As a result, you get more defined and textured eyebrows.
  • It is the most realistic way of filling in the eyebrows.
  • It keeps brows in shape and lasts for a year at least.
  • It also helps in managing eyebrow hair loss.  
  • And water or sweat does not ruin it. 

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