Beauty Tip: How To Even Out Pigmentation

Margo Marrone, founder of the Organic Pharmacy gives us her top tips on how to combat hormonal skin which causes pigmentation during pregnancy.

rose plus organic pharmacy

‘During pregnancy the surge of pregnancy hormones can cause an increase in melanin production in the skin resulting in uneven patchy pigmentation. There is little a pregnant woman can do to prevent it but treatment is fairly simple. Ideally what is needed is a topical treatment that contains hydroxy acids (from fruit as they are much more gentle) to ‘peel’ the skin as well as enzyme action for example from papaya ┬áto get rid of the dead cells more quickly increasing cell turnover. Glucosamine is also known to reduce the deposit of melanin into the skin resulting in a more even skin tone. It is important that they work in synergy and are very gentle and of course don’t contain any parabens or irritating ingredients. I have combined all these in Rose Plus Brightening Complex to treat pigmentation and as our formula’s are very gentle they are idea for pregnant ladies’ Margo Marrone, Founder of the Organic Pharmacy.




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