Beauty Tip: How To Conceal Tired Eyes

Make-up artist Liberty Shaw gives us her top tips of the trade to hide dark circles and reduce puffy eyes in an instant.

chanel concealer

“If you have time, don’t underestimate what a couple of cold tea bags or cucumber slices which have been put in the fridge can do.  It’s important no to use too thick a concealer as this can drag on the skin and look ‘cakey’.

“Make sure you are concealing the dark vein that runs from the inner eye round and above the eye; this really makes you look tired. Be sure to blend, blend, and blend again to avoid the reverse panda eye.

“Good brands for lighter skin are Max Factor, Boi-ing from Benefit and Chanel.  For darker skin, try Make Up Forever, MAC and Illamasqua.”  Liberty Shaw, Make-up Artist.

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