Beauty Tip: Cellulite Busters

Shiffa’s cellulite busters will get your skin super smooth and summer ready.

Summer is fast approaching which means it’s time to get our bodies in tip-top condition before we hit the beach or at least pack away the heavy coats and woolly jumpers.

So say goodbye to the dreaded orange peel with Shiffa’s dimple proof three step Anti-Cellulite Kit.

Step 1. Shiffa Basil, Mint & Black Pepper Shower Wash

Cleanse and tone your skin ready for summer with Shiffa’s natural and oraganic tingly body wash. Fresh peppermint cleanses the skin, rosemary tones and sweet basil leaves it glowing with radiance, whilst a nurturing wheat protein works to repair the skin’s surface. This powerful blend of aromatic herbs and ingredients are all known to stimulate the lymphatic system and detox the body, leaving it silky smooth and glowing for summer.

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shiffa body wash

Step 2. Shiffa Basil & Mint Body Scrub

Enhance the body’s natural process of detoxification with Shiffa’s basil and mint body scrub. The rich mineral and nourishing scrub is made up of stimulating hazel, sweet almond oil and Dead Sea salts which are all used to detoxify the body and remove dead skin cells. Zingy grapefruit leaves the skin feeling clean and revived, whilst refreshed peppermint stimulates the skin and deep-cleanses the pores. This unique recipe will help tone your skin, flush out toxins and dead skin, leaving you skin feeling fresh, smooth and beach-ready.

Top Tip: Exfoliate daily with Shiffa’s Basil & Mint body scrub on the hips, thighs and buttocks, and any other area which require rejuvenation and firmness, to leave skin feeling silky soft.

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shiffa body scrub

Step 3. Shiffa Energizing Body Oil

Use after the Basil & Mint Body Scrub, this revitalising body oil is blended with the purest organic ingredients. Ginger to stimulate, peppermint oil to relieve irritations, spicy black pepper to encourage blood flow, moisturising and healing, aloe and jojoba oil both known for ‘feeding’ the skin and restoring the essential vitamins; all together work to provide the skin with essential minerals and nutrients to stay firm, smooth and looking healthy. This oil will also support the detoxification process to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Top Tip: There are two ways in which this product can be used. Either apply it directly on to the whole body focusing on the areas that need it most and allow it to absorb naturally. Or, for a more intensive treatment – apply the oil to the stomach area immediately before a workout. This will allow the body to sweat whilst in the gym, letting the oil absorb all the nutrients fully with amazing detoxifying results.

Priced at £50 available at 

shiffa body oil

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