Your Guide to Calvin Klein Fragrances

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Calvin Klein may be an American brand, but it is known across the world for its iconic campaigns products. From Calvin Klein fragrances to jeans and underwear, it is a brand that has transcended decades and generations. For some time, the story of Calvin Klein remained somewhat of a mystery.

We now know that Calvin Klein had a number of jobs in the fashion industry before finding his calling. He worked for a dress company, a coat manufacturer and a fake-fur outerwear manufacturer. Quickly become tired of each role, Klein eventually set up his own company, Calvin Klein Ltd in 1967.

One of the most iconic product lines under the brand is fragrance. So, if you’re hoping to find the perfect Calvin Klein fragrance, here is a guide to get you started.

History of Calvin Klein fragrances

By 1971, Calvin Klein was a huge success and he instantly began plans of how to expand. By 1977, he launched menswear and his next step was to move into fragrance. After initial meetings with Revlon, where nothing came to fruition, Klein put up his own money to fund his fragrance; something that was unheard of at the time.

The first fragrances under the Calvin Klein brand were Calvin Klein for women in 1978, and Calvin for men in 1981. While they were successful, the success was short-lived as the cosmetics arm of the business was actually closed in 1979.

Shortly after, in 1985, the brand launched Obsession. This was the moment where Calvin Klein became known for fragrances. While he spent $13 million on advertising, the fragrance was an immediate success; no doubt helped by Klein giving personal appearances at stores.

This success paved the way for Eternity, launched in 1988 which an even bigger budget of $18 million. Eternity became the most successful fragrance under the brand, grossing $35 million by the end of its first year.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most popular Calvin Klein fragrances for both men and women.

Calvin Klein Obsession

Obsession was the first uber-successful fragrance released by the brand, as previously mentioned. Obsession for women was often described as 80s in a bottle, embodying the glamour and sexuality that dominated the lifestyle of the 1980s. Obsession seemingly combined spicy, woody and floral notes successfully, resulting in an oriental-inspired perfume that had a strong intensity and a long-lasting scent.

Obsession for men followed a similar theme, gaining popularity thanks to the unforgettable and provocative advertising. A powerful and sensual aftershave, Obsession for men bottled the pure essence of masculinity with fresh, citrus notes mixed with oriental detail. With a similar strong intensity to the women’s version, Obsession for men is also long-lasting, making this a great choice for your everyday fragrance.

Calvin Klein CK IN2U

CK IN2U was released by Calvin Klein as a duo; one for women and one for men, instead of releasing a unisex fragrance. Launched in 2007, CK IN2U was described as a fresh, young but sexy scent for both the men and women’s versions. Housed in a modern, urban bottle, the women’s CK IN2U featured a burst of citrus grapefruit, followed by an amber and vanilla finish. CK IN2U for women is known as a fresh floral scent, with a woody base.

Similarly, CKIN2U for men was also aimed at the younger generation. The male version features unique notes of lemon, tomato leaf, cacao pod and vetiver for a cool, musk scent with a warm finish.

Calvin Klein Eternity

One of the brand’s most successful fragrances, Eternity for women was inspired by a diamond wedding band and the concept of ever-lasting love. Luxurious and romantic, Eternity for women combines citrus notes with a bouquet of flowers including lily, jasmine and carnations, before a dry finish of sandalwood. It has a moderate intensity, and is a long-lasting fragrance.

Eternity for men offers a slightly different concept, with a sensitive yet masculine aroma that brings together both classic and contemporary notes. Similar to the women’s version, it has a moderate intensity, but only moderate longevity.

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Euphoria by Calvin Klein was inspired by the exotic notes of an orchid, resulting in a luxurious and exotic fragrance. Euphoria for women offers a fruity-floral scent in a modern, futuristic bottle. Offering notes of pomegranate, orchid, violet and amber, it is a mysterious but very feminine perfume.

On the other hand, Euphoria for men is a woody aromatic fragrance created using ginger and pepper, followed by fresh herbs before finishing with amber. An addictive and modern freshness comes from Euphoria for men, housed in a simple, signature bottle.

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