The trees may be shedding their leaves and your thoughts might be turning to Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our skin or could become as tough as a pumpkin! Even in the winter, our skin needs lots of TLC including sunscreen; and as much as I like spending time outdoors and having a year-round glow, I have taken this on board and begun to use a winter moisturiser with inbuilt SPF

So I turned to the Grand Dame of Moisturiser, Olay to try out an everyday sunscreen. With their first product, Beauty Fluid, created in 1952 by the chemist Graham Wulff as a gift for his wife, it has been a stalwart of conscious consumers ever since. Known for its affordability and focus on un-fragranced products for sensitive skin, I was keen to give the Vitamin C + SPF 30 day cream a whirl.

The pretty containers certainly don’t look budget, and the product inside has years’ of testing behind it, so I was keen to find out if it did what it said on the box; obviously, it’s not an instant revelation as skincare is an ongoing process, but from the time I have started to use the cream, my skin felt instantly softer.

Promising all day protection from the rays, it is ideal for autumn as you won’t have to reapply, and the main ingredients of Vitamin C and niacinamide (Vitamin B3) add extra antioxidant protection and penetrate your skin’s deeper layers to encourage cell renewal which manifests as hydrated and plumped skin.

The product is actually a lovely consistency- not too thick, or too thin, so it absorbed quickly into my thirsty face and the faint orange scent gave a soft, natural radiance; plus application was just a quick addition to my morning routine, which I plan to continue all winter. As we are repeatedly told, sunscreen prevents wrinkles, so by doubling up with this handy product, I hope I can stay one step ahead of the game by protecting myself all year round.

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