Before I tell you about this wonder gadget, I should say that I am now affiliated with brand BeGlow. This does not alter the facts of this article; I am still as unbiased as ever – honesty is my thang. However, I will also add (although I’m sure all of you lovely StyleNesters, who have gotten to know me via my reviews over the years, will already know) I am so OTT particular about my beauty products, that I would not associate my name with anything I didn’t rate ridiculously highly anyway!

Talking of transparency, did you know that some big brands have whole teams working as social media spin-doctors? The team objective is to seek out negative comments on their own brand, or positive comments on rival brands, and then spin all comments in their favour! It’s very naughty and I bet you’ll notice it a bit now – signs to look out for are; comments made by Facebook accounts with few friends and a generic profile picture (very rarely a face) or, drastically different star ratings (i.e lots of 5* reviews alongside lots of 1* reviews) these are slightly more difficult to figure out which are genuine and which are staged, but generally, the ‘theme’ will be the same on the fake ones, either guiding you to another brand or being quite long and gushy about the product they are reviewing! These are not hard, fast rules, and the spin-doctors are quick to change tactics when need-be, but sadly it is known all too well in the industry that this ‘work’ goes on. On a positive note! Influencers, bloggers and journos are now amazing at saying whether they have been sponsored or gifted, and the vast majority still give their honest opinion regardless.

Anyway, back to the ‘face-lift’!!

BeGlow’s Tia MAS is the follow up to their hugely popular Tia (the similarity in name and appearance is slightly confusing, so here’s the run down; Tia is for cleansing, anti-ageing and contouring, and the titanium head is smooth in appearance. Tia MAS is for cleansing and muscle toning, with a noticeable ‘dimple’ on the titanium head).

It is the muscle-toning mode that gives the ‘lift’ and I, for one, cannot get enough of it!

Using proven micro-current technology, Tia MAS contracts and tones the facial muscles, to literally lift the face! The curved surface design (rather than the traditional 2-pronged style devices) is fool-proof – you do not need any knowledge of facial anatomy to ‘catch’ and lift each muscle perfectly and uniformly.

My favourite thing about this (apart from the fact that it has reduced my nose-to-mouth lines SIGNIFICANTLY!) is that you do not need a separate conductor gel or product to use with it – simply use over your regular products (as long as they are oil free – oil blocks the micro-current) or, even better, use on wet skin! This is my preferred way of using it because it feels the strongest(!) and it fits into my routine seamlessly like this; I use the cleansing end of the device in the shower (fully waterproof) and then when I am sitting in my towel, trying to muster up the energy to get dressed, I use the MAS plate on my already wet face – no extra time, product or effort required! I have been doing this every morning for a few months now and the results speak for themselves (and I’ve only had to charge the device twice in that time – the battery life is unreal) the deep nasal labial folds that used to collect makeup and age my face, are in my opinion, at least 60% reduced. They are still visible to me, but my makeup no longer gets stuck in them, and they are no longer the first thing I see when I look in the mirror! (I also had a treatment on these lines last month, see my recent review on the Fat Buster injections, which has improved them further! I’m on a nasal-labial fighting mission!).

These sorts of results do not take effort, but they do require commitment – to get the best results you must act daily (I also use the highest setting each time too, of course! There are 3 intensity settings low, medium or high for your own comfort). My eyes also look wider and more open since I’ve been using Tia MAS – you can’t use microcurrent directly around the eyes or on the temples, but by using the device above the eyebrows, you get a really lovely and natural lifted look!

The cleansing end of Tia MAS has massively improved my complexion too – I’ve used sonic cleansers for years, and this is by far the best suited to me; the brush head is replaceable which has allowed BeGlow to make it incredibly soft – this is really important if you use Retinol, AHAs, Glycolic etc (all of the above in my case) or if you suffer with sensitivities. By being replaceable, you are ensuring absolute hygiene (silicone becomes compromised over time and can harbour bacteria) and also product longevity. Plus, there is a cleansing mode called SkinSense technology (with the first press of the button) which adapts to your individual needs, on contact with the skin – enabling a perfect cleanse every day for our ever-changing skin woes!

The best thing about achieving such amazing results is that I can smile about them without worsening the smile lines!

BeGlow Tia MAS £279

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