Tata Harper Superkind collection

Brand new to natural skincare brand Tata Harper is their range specifically for reactive skin, Superkind.

In keeping with the brand’s ethos, this range is centred around ingredients which don’t contain any synthetics at all. The line includes a Softening Cleanser (£75), Fortifying Moisturiser (£104)  and Radiance Mask (£57). With a focus on reactive skin, the products have been created to both strengthen the skin’s barrier and bring radiance. This is because, a weakened or disrupted barrier causes reactive skin in the first place. Notably, Superkind products are all without fragrance or essential oils too.

Whether your skin is sensitive (that’s me), or you have developed sensitised skin over time, common issues could encompass: tightness, dryness, redness, dehydration, dullness, roughness and discomfort. I personally have struggled with finding moisturisers to fully hydrate my skin minus any breakouts or irritation. And in fairness, I have so far found all Tata Harper products I’ve tried do work brilliantly in that respect.  Water-Lock Moisturiser, I’m looking at you. So, I had high hopes for this new collection, and can share that after putting them to the test, am seriously impressed.

First up, the Softening Cleanser supports your skin barrier, rather than stripping it. A tactile, smooth cleanser, the botanical blend foams up to satisfying levels. Meanwhile ingredients such as jojoba esters cleanses and conditions skin, dissolving buildup. Skin feels gently but thoroughly cleansed, without any harshness.

Complete with 28 high performance ingredients, the Fortifying Moisturiser is presented in a stylish glass jar with signature green and gold Tata detailing. The silky soft texture is lightweight but really nourishing, bringing a hydrating and luminous veil to skin. Protecting skin from overreacting are microalgae peptides, while rose of Jericho helps rejuvenate damaged skin. Soothing and calming, I love the radiant look and feel of this under makeup also.

Finally, the Radiance Mask contains an AHA blend gentle enough to exfoliate but not disrupt that all important skin barrier. It won’t over exfoliate, meaning the skin’s natural moisture is retained. Plus, a natural clay ingredient helps absorb excess oil and impurities, minimising both pores and skin stressors.

Gentle, efficient, and intensely luxurious for skin which may be reactive or sensitised, we’d really recommend this decadent new range which of course, stays true to Tata Harper’s organic farming roots.

See more over at global.tataharperskincare.com

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