You may only know this Swiss brand through its (highly effective) skincare line but there is so much more to discover in Valmont, none more so than the 5 latest additions to their perfume line, Storie Venziane.

As the name suggests, the range was inspired by Venice, home of Valmont founders, and husband and wife duo, Sophie and Didier Guillon. Each scent takes you on a journey through the different regions of Venice, each evoking a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia of a time gone by.

The bottles themselves (besides looking like precious jewels of treasure) are instantly recognisable as Venetian. Each bottle features a Murano glass inspired translucent mask, in tribute to the glasswork Venice has become so famous for, in a colour after which the perfume is named; Verde Erba I (green), Alessandrite I (lilac), Rosso I (red), Gaggia Medio I (yellow) and Blu Cobalto (blue).

These are such distinct perfumes, they have ‘signature scent’ written all over them! And when I say ‘perfume’ I really mean perfume– these are not eau de parfum and are certainly not eau de toilette. One spray is enough to deliver a full fragrance that will last all day.

Verde Erba I (green) inspired by Ponile Sant’Elena: My favourite of the collection, a floral fresh fragrance with delicate but distinct rose, hawthorn and camellia. A rare combination that is both crisp and sensual.

Alessandrite I (lilac), inspired by L’Arsenale: I have visited L’Arsenale myself and this fragrance sums it up perfectly; an enchanting place in way you can’t quite describe, beautiful but non-descript with a calming energy. Using jasmine, aldehyde (giving depth) and bergamot, it is the kind of perfume you notice after the person wearing it has left you. Incredibly enchanting.

Rosso I (red), inspired by San Francesco Della Vigna: This perfume has femme fatale written all over it! Spicy pink berries and opulent Damask rose both merging with heady oud, this is a seriously provocative scent!

Gaggia Medio I (yellow), inspired by Dorsoduro: For me, this is a very unisex fragrance, combining cardamom, sandalwood and amber. Again, Valmont have managed to capture something unusual- a spicy fragrance that maintains an air of freshness with its citrus notes, a scent of class and superiority.

Blu Cobalto (blue), inspired by Campo San Moise: With patchouli, cocoa and opoponax (sweet myrrh) this is an intense and energetic fragrance. Sensual and addictive- this is not for the faint-hearted which is exactly what I’d expect the wearer of this perfume to want, for she is an individual…

Valmont Storie Veneziane £348 (100ml) each, available at Harrods, White Rooms Beauty and online @

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