Shiro for Spring and Summer

This coming Spring and Summer Shiro will be launching their cosmetics line in the UK and girl let me spill the T on it.  So grab your tea or coffee and get comfortable because we about to get into it!

To avoid sounding biased I’m gonna tell you that their skincare line is just the bomb dot com, it’s so good it has its own domain so I will not surprised if the make up line will be on the same level.

The new line that now available on or at any of the three stores they have in London (Kings Rd Chelsea, Monmouth St Covent Garden, & St Christopher Place Marylebone).  The line consists of mascara, mascara primer, highlighter, lip butter, serum and cosmetic water all made from natural ingredients that the brand takes pride upon.

What I’m super excited to try out in the entire line would be the Kombu Mascara Primer and Mascara as they’ve hyped it as something that is both a treatment that will promote eyelash strengthening and growth and that the Primer is something you can use both during the day and as an overnight treatment which would be from the Gagome Kombu Seaweed.  I mentioned earlier that I use their skincare line so if it’s made in the same calibre as the Sake Kasu range then I have no doubt that the skin essence serum and the herbal water will be amazing.  The lip butters are definitely eye catching especially because of the ranges of shades that they came out with as I personally would say 3 out of the 8 is everyday while the rest are little bit out there.  They also came out with highlighters in 2 shades although I personally feel that only one is a highlighter while the other is more on the blush side of makeup ranges.

Let’s talk prices Shiro is marked as a luxury beauty brand so of course the price points would be on the higher side but what I will say is that for what your paying your definitely getting high quality products that natural based and it’s combination of skincare and makeup.

Well then beauties that all that I have to say about Shiro’s Cosmetic Launch, I hope that it was somewhat insightful in a very summarised. Until the next time there is new hype in the beauty community I’ll be back to spill Tee.  Bye Boo!

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