Sensica Sensilift Review

An innovative beauty device, I recently put the Sensica Sensilift to the test.

Retailing at £349.99 the Sensilift is an investment buy, but if you’re looking for a professional tool for use at home this will be right up your street. Specially formulated to tighten and lift skin while also combating wrinkles, the anti-ageing handheld tool is efficient and clinically proven as well.

Presented in a box including the device, Base Gel for use with it, a charger and useful branded case, you’ll also find a two-year warranty and instruction manual. Totally fool proof, whether you’re a beauty buff or a complete novice, the guide talks you through and I was surprised to find out it only takes 5 minutes a week for results.

Ensuring skin is cleansed and dry, apply Base Gel to the preferred area, covering sections such as your crow’s feet, cheeks, chin, part of your neck, décolletage and even hands. It’s important to note that you mustn’t dive straight in and use the Sensilift on full areas, as you’ll need to test first. Depending on the area of skin which you want to address, the included manual outlines appropriate timeframes. So for example, 5 minutes on each side is the recommended time for crow’s feet. For me, the area between my eyes is my main Sensilift section, but I also focussed on underneath them too. Two kids and a naughty puppy have definitely contributed to a few wrinkles there.

The Base Gel has a roller applicator which is soothing to use, starting off this entire process in luxurious style. Setting the Radio Frequency energy level and massage speed will depend on how it feels for you, and there are also integral safety sensors ensuring the temperature never becomes too hot. The massaging sensation is satisfying, and you can then clean your device afterwards.

I found the treatment enjoyable and relaxing, having used the Sensilift for a few weeks now. I’ve definitely seen a tightening difference and am really impressed by how easy this tool is to use. There’s no lengthy time commitment, just a few minutes grabbed here and there each week, for the first 8 weeks. Then after that for upkeep, you can look at reusing every 4-8 weeks as needed.

Overall, I’d give the Sensilift a definite thumbs up- ticking SN beauty boxes for efficiency, time, skin TLC and brilliant results. It’s an at-home skincare treatment gamechanger.

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