RevitaLash Cosmetics Review

The original lash serum, RevitaLash, has sold more than 4.9 million products since 2007. Keen to try it for myself, I’ve also been delving into the rest of their range too.

Specifically formulated to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes by making them longer and improving their health, RevitaLash Advanced also strengthens them. And indeed, in their own independent study, findings confirmed that 98% of consumers said their lashes had improved after six weeks. And with Meghan Markle herself reportedly a fan, here at SN we don’t need much more persuading.

The signature formula boasts potent ingredients within their BioPeptin Complex, including biotin and green tea extract, which is rich in Vitamin B, a key hair growth component. Antioxidant elements cover ginseng and Swertia Japonica, for strengthening and thickening. And crucially, the cruelty-free vegan formula does not contain any parabens, gluten, phthalates or BHT.

Simply from word of mouth between friends and beauty professionals alike, I’ve heard several amazing things about RevitaLash Advanced, but I always prefer to see results for myself. Using their products for a few weeks now, I’m seriously impressed. The RevitaLash is really easy to apply, with its defined wand for popping onto lashes. They already look extra fluttery, and most certainly are healthier and thicker.

Priced at £74 for 2mls, this is a considered purchase- but, that size gives you a three month supply and it does offer a natural alternative to expensive salon lash treatments so I’d say its well worth investing as a treat.

Within this RevitaLash recce, I am now completely hooked on their eyebrow version of the above, RevitaBrow Advanced. Suffering from an underactive thyroid, my eyebrows have been thinner than usual and trust me, I’ve tried everything. Step forward, RevitaBrow Advanced (£58 for 1.5 ml) and I have tons of new growth! The brows themselves are gradually getting fuller again and I feel confident this is only going to improve, the longer I use this product. Dab onto clean, dry brows using the bud applicator and you’re good to go.

Within a similar price point to RevitaLash Advanced, I would absolutely ask for this as a birthday or Christmas present- because I have seen real, noticeable results. Not forgetting, on their official site, RevitaLash showcase different special offers if you want to grab a discount.

Other goodies I’ve sampled include: Double Ended Mascara/Primer (£29), Hi-Def Brow Pencil (£28), Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel (£32) and their hydrating eye gel and primer, Aquablur (£55).

As an unashamed mascara snob, I have to tell you- their double ended wonder is absolutely brilliant. First use the primer wand, and then coat lashes with mascara, experiencing a thick, elongated effect which stays put all day with zero clumping. Your eyes are opened up and I’m loving the va va voom look it achieves.

Onto the Hi-Def Brow Pencil which has the best spoolie brow brush applicator I’ve ever tried, and a perfectly shaped pencil for precision shading. Available in different shades depending on your hair colour, it’s officially in my everyday brow beauty arsenal alongside the Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel. Brow gels can be notoriously messy to use, and sometimes just a complete faff. Not this one however, with its easy-to-build brush applicator and gel formula. So, whether you like a subtle slick or stronger statement, either are super simple to achieve. Plus, the product stays put for hours.

Last but not least, Aquablur is a cooling and soothing hydrating gel and primer I’ve been using on my lids and undereye area, both with and without makeup. Creating smooth, sheer radiance, it works well under eyeshadow as well as offering a little brightening lift. Tired or puffy eyes? The primer nourishes instantly and feels reassuringly comforting on that delicate skin area too.

RevitaLash products are intuitively designed expert formulas which create tangible beauty results. This is a range you will definitely want to dive into.

Find out more at (Counterfeit Revitalash stockists are rife online- so make sure you only ever buy from a brand-approved shop of which there is more info on their website.)

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