When it comes to fake tan, we all have our favourites but we still wonder whether we should try the new ‘it’ tans that flood our Insta feeds promising us the brownest, glowiest skin money can buy! The tan that sits quietly and confidently alongside all these ‘wonder tans’ is good ol’ St.Tropez, the original and, some might say, the best.

I have always loved St.Tropez and haven’t once had a bad tan from them, but for some reason (probably because I’m a fake tan-aholic) I’m always searching for something else; darker, less smelly, quicker develop time….. which has meant I haven’t used St.Tropez for a few years now. More fool me – there’s a very good reason why it is the no.1 tanning brand in the UK.

I recently tried their Purity tan and fell in love with St.Tropez all over again! This tan is a clear water-gel product (read: DOES NOT STAIN CLOTHES OR SHEETS!!!) and it smells so fresh and light, it hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid, which ensures an even fade and a longer lasting tan. The colour is of medium intensity but the colour develops in just 3 hours(!!) so it is very easy to layer up and build the colour intensity if you so wish. I don’t like to put fake tan on my face (I mean, I do apply it to my face, I just don’t like it! Because it looks odd against my body if I don’t #FirstWorldProblems) Anyway… the purity range also includes a Bronzing Water Face Mist! This product is dreamy; a light tanner that can be applied on bare skin or over makeup, AND it helps protect the skin from environmental damage – skincare/tanning fanatics dream come true.

The newest member to the St.Tropez family is the Watermelon Infusion range; featuring a gradual tan and a self-tan mousse. Watermelon is not my favourite scent, but I can promise you, the Infusion range has a very refreshing, holiday scent that isn’t overbearing, nor does it interfere with your perfume. With the same iconic formula as the original, you can expect the mousse to last up to 10 days, and the gradual tan will keep you perfectly moisturised and tanned the whole year through.

I can’t believe I ever thought the grass was greener! I love you St.Tropez!

Self Tan Purity £33.00, Self Tan Purity Bronzing water Mist £22.00, Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion £14.50, Self Tan Watermelon Infusion (mousse) £31.00

Available at Boots, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique & ASOS

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