Some people bite their nails, others chew their hair or grind their teeth in their sleep, I, however, am one of the nations’ eyelash pickers; and it’s not a habit I am proud of. It started in my teens when I used to pick off my mascara, and still occasionally raises its ugly head.

It’s not even as if I enjoy it or it makes my eyes look any better. In fact, having patchy lashes is not something I would recommend at all. But habits are hard to break, and my sparse, gappy eyelids definitely needed some TLC, and lockdown has offered me the ideal opportunity to address my loopy lids.

Fearing false lashes- far too TOWIE for me, I considered eyelash extensions, but alas the powers that be dictate that we can’t have assisted beauty perks- an in fact, this wouldn’t cure any gaps. So my quest for longer, defined lashes continued online, and a serum to encourage my natural growth seemed to be a pretty good option. Designed to be applied daily, using ingredients that actively stimulate growth, condition the eyelid and encourage longer, darker, and fuller lashes.

Not being a beauty faffer, I just wanted a simple product that was easy to apply, and left to work its magic, and the Mayraki Restoration Growth Solution seemed to tick all my boxes. Arriving in a pretty impressive box, which made me wonder what I had signed up for, it was actually pretty straightforward to use.

Developed by a team of herbalist and hair professionals, the product consists of a natural topical treatment which is applied directly to the eyelashes and eyebrows to enhance length and thickness. Inside the box there were 3 bottles of Growing Serum and 1 bottle of Nutrition Serum and some rather tech looking cotton buds, which you use twice a day on lashes (and brows as required).

I’m only one bottle in, and I am overwhelmed with the progress.  My eyelashes are naturally dark, and now I can actually flutter them! The gappy bits are filling up with fresh new buds and because they look so pretty, the temptation to pick them has vanished.

Jam-packed with nourishing lash goodies as well as powerful antioxidants, its hypo-allergenic formula contains of max-strength of peptides and botanicals which help to reproduce keratin which is one the components that prevent premature fallout, so will stand my new lashes in line for the future; and happy customers have stated by using my Mayraki Lash & Brow Solution, my eyelashes will significantly increase by as much as 27% after just two weeks of use and up to 70% in just 38 days. Whoop! Liv Tyler lashes will be mine.

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