Katherine Daniels Skincare: Screen Time Blue Light SOS

This year more than ever, we’ve been staring at screens around the clock. Whether social media scrolling or WFH, we need to protect our skin from blue light damage pronto.

Katherine Daniels Co-Founder and Therapist Kirsti Shuba says, “The more time we spend indoors due to the shorter daylight hours, bad weather conditions, and of course the new lockdown restrictions, our screen time increases infinitely and so does our blue light exposure.”

I’m a  huge advocate of year-round SPF and Daily DNA Defence SPF30 from Katherine Daniels (£50 for 50ml) glides onto skin, offering a lightweight sheer coverage, plus UVA, UVB, blue light and pollution protection. The ideal base for makeup, this pot of skin protectant acts as a brilliant primer too. Bringing radiance and a barrier from environmental damage, it’s important to use SPF during the colder months too. Especially as this one in particular targets that tricky blue light damage.

A broad-spectrum SPF, it is loaded with antioxidants and defends skin from blue light found in our devices. Creating an invisible veil of advanced photoaging technology, the products works to defend, repair and protect your skin thanks to active DNA defense and repair enzymes. Plus, ingredients such as chamomile extract and tocopherol acetate soothe the redness caused by UV radiation and pollution.

Kirsti continues, “Research shows that the blue light emitted from our TV’s, computers and smart phones could be one of leading causes of premature ageing.  Blue light exposure leads to oxidative stress within our skin, which can contribute to pigmentation and the degradation of our skin’s collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Over time this can lead to increase increased lines, wrinkles, a lack of ‘firmness’ and hyperpigmentation.”

I’ve also been looking to Katherine Daniels Total Skin Repair Concentrate (£52 for 50ml), a soothing enriching product pairing perfectly with Daily DNA Defence.  In fact, it’s well worth exploring the entire Katherine Daniels range. This is highly efficient skincare formulated with expert ingredients, which absolutely makes a difference to your skin health.

Containing key dynamic ingredients, Kirsti explains, this allows your skin function to become more active and produce more collagen and elastin, preventing the visible signs of blue light damage. Boasting antioxidants, and components such as Linefactor C which is rich in vitamin C and hibiscus extract to boost collagen and elastin production, skin appears firmer, and more radiant. Additional ingredients cover Skinasensyl, a soothing, calming peptide. Over time, the key active ingredients encourage your skin to appear more youthful and naturally defend itself against visible signs of ageing.

And as Kirsti says, “Whilst we cannot avoid our screens all together, we can incorporate essential skincare products to protect and defend against blue light penetrating the skin and boost our skins natural protein and hydration reserves to prevent the visible damage from blue light exposure.”

Visit katherinedanielscosmetics.com for more information and to explore the full range. 

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