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I am about to turn 40 (probably already am by the time you read this) and I’m happy with my skin; I’ve kept my face protected from the sun since the age of 27 (when I was pregnant with my first-born) and I have tried most skincare treatments and products under said sun since then too. I have my ‘favourites’ beauty products that I always drift back to and I still enjoy trialling out all the new ranges and products too but for some time now, no product has given me an instant wow (you can guess what’s coming can’t you?…….)

The Venn products arrived on my doorstep looking all chic and lovely, ready to go in the ‘trial pile’ but after quickly scanning the ingredients list of antioxidants and peptides, I decided to whack some of the Venn Concentrated Revitalising Lifting Mask, 50ml £71, on straight away – working from home has its perks. I scanned the box so quickly, I didn’t notice you can use it as a leave-on mask too so, after around half an hour of non-zoom work, I rinsed the mask off, and I was astounded! This mask literally woke my skin up! I looked bright, hydrated and fresh af. I haven’t responded like that to a product for a very long time.

Naturally, I went straight to the next product the Venn Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate, 50ml £155, which I was excited to read is the ‘Hero’ product in the range – what was this going to do for my skin if the ‘non-hero’ mask had such incredible results?! The concentrate is like your serum of the range, but unlike serum, you apply a generous amount of the concentrate to your skin. I like to really massage my products into my face in the mornings and I thought the concentrate would be a perfect medium for this, but surprisingly, no, my skin drank this product up in seconds! There is no sticky residue, no ‘roll-off’ of product and no film-like feel to it, it just jogs effortlessly into your skin to brighten, hydrate and smooth. You can also apply the concentrate before the mask for added beauty benefits.

I also tried the Venn Moisture-Balance All-In-One Face Cleanser, 150ml £55, which cleverly has a low pH to protect our skin barrier – our skin has a protective layer called the Acid Mantle of which we should look after and maintain its pH (high pH level cleansers, such as soap, neutralise the Acid Mantle, rendering it much less effective). The cleanser, like the rest of the range, contains skin-protecting antioxidants as well as fruit enzymes to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells, keeping your skin fresh and bright.

I like that the products are generous sizes (evaluate the cost of the products like ‘use per wear’) they are so versatile to use – I now sleep in the mask sometimes and it doesn’t leave a horrible residue on my pillow, and I’ve even used it like a primer under makeup! But most of all, I like that heading into my 40th year, my skin looks that little bit better than it did in the 39th!

Venn available at www.libertylondon.com and www.net-a-porter.com

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