It’s A 10 Minute Blow Dry Miracle

If you have ever related to ‘Monica In Barbados’, It’s a 10 have the hair product you have been waiting for (and it saves on braids and shells  maintenance).

I’ve been a fan of multi-functional (typically 10 functions, as the name would suggest) It’s a 10 products for a while now; they are nourishing, lightweight and very easy to use.

I have very curly, very frizzy, very fine (but lots of it) hair and unfortunately, I fell into the trap from a young age of fighting against the curl – so, now I find myself with very erratic and untidy curls, and feel I have no choice but to blow-dry my hair smooth at every wash. Understandably, I’ve become a dab hand at my bouncy blow-dry and tend to carry an umbrella in my handbag like a safety blanket, but what I can’t control is the dramatic effect humidity has on my hair. And it really is dramatic! My hair can sense rain for days and can almost double in volume and the first sign of it.

There is only 1 product I have ever found which helps to keep my hair under control, and that’s in the form of an aerosol type spray – it’s good and it’s effective but it has that hairspray feel to it which I really dislike on my already dry hair.

So, I didn’t need asking twice when I was asked to try It’s a 10 Blow Dry Miracle H2O Shield; it repels water, heat protects, anti-frizz, high shine, lightweight, detangles, holds styles, forms a protective shield, maintains hair strength and colour protects! I mean, is there anyone that feels they don’t need this product in their life??! Plus, it has the lovely It’s a 10 signature scent.

I used a modest amount on my first try and had great results but then, I tried it more liberally and I achieved the sleekest, silkiest blow dry I’ve ever had outside of a salon! (I did have to wash my hair a day earlier than normal after the heavier application but that is a price I am more than happy to pay for such a slinky, manageable blow dry!).

Another triumph by It’s a 10 and a 100% certified (humidity) seal of approval from your frizzy-haired StyleNester!

It’s a 10 Miracle H2O Shield £22 (180ml)

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