Let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream about being hair-free in all the right places?! I know I do. I have tried laser hair removal in the past and sadly I am one of the unlucky ones that it didn’t work for (probably due to having fair hair and fair skin, and therefore not enough contrast of colour for the laser to pick up on).

So, when I heard about Frenesies, a cream to apply post waxing to permanently reduce hair growth, I was quite sceptical but more than willing to try!

It is very simple to use but as with most products- to get the best results you must follow the instructions precisely. It is essential that you remove the hair first via sugaring or hot waxing, this ensures that the hair and the root are removed, leaving an empty hair follicle. The cream must then be applied immediately in an upward motion to enter the empty follicles, and then left bare/undressed for 10 minutes. The cream will be reapplied in the same way daily, for the following 5 days. It’s an easy process but must be performed absolutely.

On my first use, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cream doesn’t have a foul smell (it’s a browny colour, so I just assumed…) and it doesn’t sting either, it just has a slightly cooling effect on the skin which is very welcome after a wax. I couldn’t say I noticed much of a difference in hair growth though. I ploughed on regardless the following month, applying the cream for 5 days after waxing and I couldn’t believe it- the hair took double the time to re-grow, when it did finally come through it was with roughly a 50% reduction and the hair was much finer than before! I’m now post-3rd-cycle and the hair hasn’t come through at all yet! That’s not to say it won’t come through (they claim 80%-100% of the hair will eventually stop growing) but so far this little pot of magic has outperformed any laser treatment I have ever had.

Frenesies contains a blend of natural ingredients, including selenium, that work together to block the hair follicle making it difficult for the hair to re-grow, so at the very least you will experience finer re-growth but most users have found a significant reduction in unwanted hair!

There is a cream available for the body, the face (which I am definitely going to try- I could be Elvis’ sister if I didn’t wax my sideburns) and a cream specifically for men. The next generation in hair removal has arrived!

Frenesies Body £220.00, Face £195.00, Men £220.00

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