Swiss Clinic has rapidly secured a place in my most loved beauty ranges, their products and treatments seem to take inspiration from current trends and then they deliver them in safe, effective and reasonably priced formulas.

The latest offering of theirs that I’ve tried is the Teeth Whitening System. I am notoriously hard to please when it comes to teeth and I have always recommended investing in high quality dental care. Home whitening is a tricky one; there are certainly brands you can trust when buying online and of course your dentist can sell you trusted products to use at home but it’s the cost-factor that can cause a problem. Dentist sold products are often much pricier than similar looking whitening gel you can buy off the internet, but the percentage strength you can buy on the internet is enamel-wincingly high, couple that with no dentist supervision/recommendations, and you could be in trouble. Remember- when your enamel is gone, it’s gone! No regeneration here I’m afraid.

So, with so many of us seeking a whiter and brighter smile, Swiss Clinic alongside trusted dentists, developed a kit consisting of 2 mouldable gum shields and 3 syringes of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to give great results whilst protecting the enamel.

The first step is the trickiest- moulding the trays correctly! Read and re-read the instructions carefully! It’s not rocket science but the better the fit, the better the whitening result. You simply hold a tray (1 at a time) in slightly under-boiled water for a few seconds (until you see the edges start to curl) remove the tray, flick off excess water (important- please don’t burn your mouth!) and press and fit around your teeth and gums. Once you have the desired shape, immerse the tray into cold water to set it. The rest is easy!

Simply squeeze a line of whitening gel against the part of the tray that will be touching the front of your teeth (I recommend applying it half way down, then when you insert the tray press and spread the gel to cover the entire front of the teeth) and then, wait! Start by wearing the trays for 45 minutes at a time and build up by 15 minutes each day, results can take from 4 days to 2 weeks to show. Personally, my teeth take longer to ‘take’ and I have found that I get a better result by wearing the trays for a longer period of time but with a day off between each wear- this is personal to me though and I have had dentist supervision with whitening in the past.

I am so happy with the results! I had zero sensitivity on my teeth or my gums and my teeth are not just whiter, but they seem sparklier too- possibly down to the added Mica in the gel. For maintenance I’d advise you to be quite strict with yourself during and for the month after the process with regards to tooth staining foods and drinks- the teeth become momentarily more porous during this time, so all the usual suspects; curry, tea, red wine etc should be avoided if possible. The same goes for anything acidic that might upset the enamel too, such as fruit juices etc.

Other than that, it’s easy-peasy! A perfect choice for anyone wanting to remove stains, brighten up their smile or simply top up a previous whitening treatment. Say cheese!

Swiss Clinic Whitening System £59.00

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