Facing up to Summer with Paula’s Choice

I can’t say that I’ve been hiding my face away (on the scale of hiding my winter, tights-clad legs at least!) However, a two-year mask hiatus means that my face has not been a priority for a while and could definitely do with some TLC in preparation for the longer days and promise of a facial glow.

Rather than plan any drastic procedures, I decided I’d start with a facemask to assist with getting rid of the cobwebs. I plumped for an exfoliating face mask by Paula’s Choice, which specialises in simple, cruelty-free products which are designed for sensitive skin.

This cosmetic empire was founded in 1995, by Paula Begoun; as a long-time sufferer of acne and eczema she was unhappy with products available and resolved to find something that worked for her. Over the last 35 years, she has developed products for every skin type and concern; from mega-gentle exfoliators to power-packed anti-agers to wrinkle-reducing serums, all made with scientific, anti-irritating properties, even for the most delicate of skins.

Ingredients are truly at the heart of this brand – when it comes to what’s in the products and what isn’t (everything is free of dyes, fragrances and phthalates). The website also has a team of cosmetic chemists who have created the Ingredient Dictionary, which lists all ingredients commonly found in beauty products and gives them a rating from “poor” to “best” with an explanation. It ensures customers are fully informed about what they apply to their skin.

My skin was mostly needing a bit of a re-set to get rid of the winter gunk / mask build up, so the Exfoliant Peel rinse-off, high-concentration peel was my first port of call. Stacked with goodies such as salicylic acid, which is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that unclogs congested pores; alpha hydroxy acids to get into the deeper levels of the skin and butterfly pea extract to reduce redness and signs of irritation.

A little goes a long way, and the translucent purple mask only needs to be applied once a week for refreshing results. It doesn’t set like a face pack, but the tingly sensation is a good indication that it’s doing some work as the acid exfoliates, shrinks pores and speeds up cell regeneration and leaves your skin hydrated.

This lifesaver only needs to be used once a week, and after three weeks use, my skin is fresher with a noticeable reduction in my fine lines and wrinkles- just in time for summer.

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