Elemis Launch New Peptide 24/7 Amethyst Face Roller Collection

Brand new to Elemis is their Peptide 24/7 Amethyst Face Roller Collection (£94), focussing on detoxifying skin.

The collection comprises: Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil (30ml), Peptide4 Thousand Flower Face Mask (15ml), Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream (15ml) and a beautiful Amethyst Roller.

Co-Founder of Elemis, Noella Gabriel, offers her step-by-step night time routine using the collection:

  1. Apply Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream, patting in gently around the eye area.
  2. Apply Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil
  3. Eyes – using the small roller end, start at the corner of the eyes roll under eyes to glide over upper eye lid.
  4. Face –  Using the large roller, start at the temples and roll over forehead, glide to cheeks and roll back and forth to jawline, on neck roll upwards. Repeat 3 times.

Plus, as a top tip- store your facial roller in the fridge or freezer if you need extra help with de-puffing your face and under-eye area.

Long praised for its beauty benefits, facial rolling boosts circulation, relaxes facial muscles and helps to eliminate toxins whilst stimulating lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness. Having used this collection for a few nights now, I can testify how effective the set is. Definitely assisting with maximising relaxation before bed, I’ve awoken with revitalised and radiant skin.

Furthermore, amethyst is known to detoxify skin. It carries a negative charge, whilst toxins and free radicals carry a positive one, therefore working to eradicate them.

A luxurious and simply stunning set, this peptide collection is packaged in a stylish Elemis beauty bag too. Eliminate toxins and relax before bed, helping skin reset alongside circadian rhythms. Now part of our night-time beauty routine, we recommend you try this ultra-rejuvenating beauty set too. It also looks very gorgeous on a dressing table…

See more at elemis.com

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