Clarins Super Restorative Day and Night Cream

Super Restorative Day Cream ASTIt´s 10 years since the launch of their Super Restorative Day & Night Cream, and Clarins have now brought us a newer and even further improved range, designed to combat all of the signs of aging in mature skin. With new research, new ingredients, and impressive results in both their clinical and consumer tests, StyleNest were keen to find out more.

Clarins developed the Super Restorative range to provide intensive nourishment for mature skin, and more specifically, mature skin that has been affected by the menopause. We all know about the usual skin concerns that aging that brings, mainly the wrinkles we all so desperately want to avoid, but hormonal changes can also have their own adverse effect, leaving skin drier, less plump, and with even more of the dreaded lines. In an effort to combat this, Clarins have added new ingredients to the range, including new plant extracts that have been proven to compensate for the hormonal absences that can occur as we age.

One of these plant extracts is Harungana, a powerful ingredient that has traditionally been used in Madagascan medicines to treat wounds, and is now been used by Clarins to work on skin cells affected by a loss of oestrogen. When oestrogen levels falls, skin cells change shape, causing the skin to slacken, and wrinkles to form. Harungana helps restore the cell structure back to its original form, which in turn helps to restore firmness to the skin and reduce the development of lines and wrinkles. It has also been shown to work 40% more effectively than retinol on the synthesis of collagen, an important factor in skin aging, and particularly in hormonal skin, with collagen production falling by up to 30-35% around this time. Combine this with another important organic plant extract, Montpellier Rock-Rose, which has been scientifically proven to help reduce dark spots linked to aging, particularly those linked to hormonal changes, and you have some pretty impressive science and ingredients behind the range. And the results are equally impressive, in tests carried out by Clarins, all signs of aging, including skin density, skin slackening, wrinkles, age spots, and hydration, were all significantly improved, with some women seeing improvements within just one month, and further improvements after three months. Our own tester here at StyleNest even commented that as well as feeling nourished and hydrated, her skin felt firmer and tighter upon the very first application. With results like this it´s easy to see why it´s been a much loved favourite for 10 years, a cream might not be able to fix everything about getting older but at least Clarins have made this phase of life just a normal phase for skin.

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