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Everyday stresses, diet and exposure to pollution can wreak havoc on your skin and with the season of blue skies, high temperatures and vibrancy in the air, there’s no better time than the present to adopt a healthier self both inside and out. 

Founded by celebrity facialist and acupuncturist Nataliya Robinson, Quantum Botanika offers a range of skincare products bursting with high-performing botanicals, anti-oxidants and essential oils to balance your complexion and restore the skins beauty.

Inspired by her own skin complaints as a teenager, Nataliya Robinson began a life-long investigation into how to achieve a clear complexion. This lead to her creating a multi-purpose skincare range that would address modern skin complaints, from sensitivity to congestion and help clean, treat and soothe the skin.

Using the hydrating products seemed almost daunting with the apprehensive thoughts of how these would work with my oily skin. The ongoing battle with moisturisers that left my skin feeling greasy was a never-ending fight, admiringly, Quantum Botanika’s Hydrating Gel delivered an unexpected different result.

The lightweight gel absorbed quickly into my skin providing instant hydration with a surprisingly semi-matte finish. This proved useful in creating a base for my make-up which evidently kept it in place for longer.

Key ingredients include organic Bulgarian rose oil, aloe vera and acmella oleracea extract which help to plump and smooth the skin.

I was also intrigued with the spot solution, the prominent scent of ingredients including calamine, Virginiana leaf extract and sodium chloride seemed instantly repellent yet there was comfort in knowing that was a result of the active ingredients working.

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