A space age treatment for your skin: The UFO 2 review

Even though lockdown is shifting, I haven’t been in a hurry to get back to the beauty salon. I’m erring on the precautious side of germs, and don’t really want anyone meddling with my face at the moment, but boy does it need some TLC after five months of hibernation.

And that’s precisely what the UFO2 from Foreo can offer- an at home, salon-tech facial device, which is practical enough for anyone to get to grips with! Even the box it comes in is pretty space age!

Using LED (light emitting diode) this hand held device takes inspiration from NASA, who worked with LED in the 80s to speed up astronauts’ tissue healing and repair. However, the compact UFO 2 is a much more handsome affair. With over forty years of research, science has tested all kinds of skin complaints with LED light, and discovered that different colours provide different results. While nothing can be achieved overnight, regular LED light therapy  can boost collagen and reduce acne bacteria and the sheet masks that are available are full of nutrients that are proven to help these issues.

The ethos behind the nifty, Swedish brand Foreo, is a quick blast (90 seconds) of the light and fask mask, will be enough to target the cellular level underneath the skin and boost the  repair from within; the same way that skin cells respond to the active products such as vitamin C or retinol in replenishing dermal and epidermal cells.  Using T-sonic pulsations, the device heats up (thermotherapy), or cools down (cryotherapy) for optimum mask absorption to give a speedy blast of goodness deep into the skin.

Designed to be used regularly for the best results, the charge life on the device is impressive, and the facial sheets that you apply to the machine provide plenty of leftover gel to massage in post treatment- don’t let anything go to waste. If you are cautious about LED lights near your eyes, you don’t have to worry as the device is pebble shaped to fit in your hand, and can be directed exactly where you need it. It may take a bit of practise, keeping the sheet mask in place on the device, as it is a slippery little item, and if you do lose it half way through your treatment, just wait until the end of the cycle and re-attach and go again.

I use mine after cleansing for a deep and thorough moisturise before bed, and wake up glowing. However, you won’t notice too much of a difference after just one or two sessions- I felt more plumped and could see less wrinkle action after my fourth session.

So easy to use, there is an option to download the app and scan your barcode to follow the instructions on your smartphone for real time instructions; however, after a couple of uses, this is pretty self explanatory as the LED changes through warm and cool to stimulate collagen production in areas with delicate and fine lines- and you can choose your mask to address whatever issue your skin needs. These come in handy packs of seven, which in the ideal world would be used on alternate days.

For a home facial, this is one of the best I have tried, and it’s perfect for someone who wants to keep on top of their skin care routine without compromise- and have at home when they want to enjoy some self-love.

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