You’ve gone all soft

So, the kids are finishing up at school and nursery and finally there’s a bit more time in the morning. My extra 10 minutes is going to be spent partly on an even larger coffee than usual, and partly on a body oil, my favourite way to get scaly winter skin as soft as a toddler’s elbow.

If you’re not a body oil convert yet, don’t worry: the new generation of body oils don’t make you look like a piece of Halloumi about to go under the grill. They aren’t greasy, are easily absorbed – and my favourite five have gorgeous wintery scents.

Yon-Ka huile corpsFirst up is Huile Corps from Yon-Ka (£34), apparently a favourite of La Jolie herself. It smells utterly gorgeous, like you’ve spent all day in a really posh spa, and not only works on stretch marks, it contains everlasting flower, salvia officinalis and cereals to nourish and soften. Lush.

Kerstin Florian Ginger Bath and Body Oil

This week I have been loving Ginger Bath & Body Oil from Kerstin Florian (£43), which has a wonderfully Christmassy smell to it. This is a great evening oil post run (if you are venturing out – I’m not) or even after a day on your feet shopping, as it warms the body and calms muscle spasms, strains and cramps.

MioMio is a new brand launching in January 2014 and comes from the women behind Mama Mio. I’ve had a sneak preview of The Activist firming active body oil for dry skin (£29.50). I put this on damp skin just out of the shower and it really seems to seal in moisture and make my skin feel super-supple. Smells deliciously fresh, too.

Dr Renaud Peach SublimatingIf your coffee is on the extra large side and you’ve only got two minutes spare, try Dr Renaud Peach Sublimating Body Dry Oil (£23.50). This has a fabulously satiny feel and fruity fragrance, and it sinks in so quickly you can dress straight away. Great on shins before your party dress.

Origins Lavender and Vanilla OilAnd finally, when you have an hour on Christmas Day, crack open Origins Calm To Your Senses Lavender and Vanilla Oil for bath & body (£23). The lavender calms and evokes feelings of love, while the warming vanilla helps you relax. Perfect when the sprouts are looking a little over-cooked.

Merry Christmas from the Beauty Bird and see you all again in 2014.

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