Winter hair: part two

Last week was all about how to boost your winter locks with a good shampoo. Well, it’s time for part two, because I wasn’t just going to leave you hanging there with wet, albeit clean, hair. Next, you need a mask.

I say need: if you’ve got short or super-fine hair you might find a mask – or masque – a little bit much. But I have neither, and my ‘lob’ needs all the help it can get with an unholy trinity of colour, blow-drying and central heating going on. Here’s what’s saving me from looking haystack-tastic this winter.

First up is from Aveda, who know a hair mask like Origins know a face mask. Last summer they added Intensive Detangling Masque (£22.50) to their Be Curly range and it’s a cracker for curly tops like me, especially in winter when hats add to our tangle woes. It seems to dissolve knots and keep curls separate once you’ve dried.


Loving the work of Electric Hairdressing C-1 Intensive Treatment Masque (£23.50). This is a winter treat but I can imagine it working just as well post-pool in the summer. Loaded with coconut, olive and wheatgerm oils, a little goes a long way and spongy, porous hair will be turned to silk in an instant.


Why settle for a 3-in-1 when you could have a 10-in-1? Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Masque (£12.99) is this week’s purse-friendly buy. A huge tub of deliciously scented nourishment for your tired out tresses, this mask doesn’t just look bright and breezy on your bathroom shelf, it contains ultra-moisturising marula oil to make light work of dry ends.


Asia Zen Control Mask (£16.70) from Orofluido contains wheat amino acids and keratin protein, and is so called because it controls frizz – ideal for those winter days when instead of being snowy like it’s meant to be, it just rains all day.


Last but certainly not least is a follow-on from a shampoo I mentioned last week. Christophe Robin is my new brand crush and Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (£53) is amazing. The word ‘sumptuous’ is used on the packaging and it’s not an exaggeration. Enriched with pure prickly pear seed oil, it has antioxidant and regenerative properties, getting deep into the hair to repair it from within. Make it your end-of-winter present to yourself.

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